The 20th Phantom

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The 20th Phantom
Active years (Team Fantomen):
Active years (Lee Falk):
early-mid 20th century
Active years (Moonstone):
Active 1936
Active years (Bastei):
Active years (Other producers):

The 20th Phantom is one of the Phantoms.

Fictional Character Biography

According to Team Fantomen

He was born in 1912 and became the Phantom in 1935, the year he became 23, thereby being the oldest one so far to swear the Oath of the Phantom.

Through some somewhat contradictionary events he came to marry Maude Thorne McPatrick and in 1939, their son, the 21st Phantom was born.

When he was to marry, he had to free his Maude from a prison by working as an ox and thereby making a chain weaker and weaker until he could tear it appart.

He died in 1959 when Rama Singh, backstabbed him to death after he had destroyed the Singh pirate fleet.

According to Lee Falk

The 20th Phantom is about to be stabbed by Rama Singh.

The 20th Phantom was either married to the beautiful Lady Maude, whom he had to save out of the dungeons of a prince ("The Chain" and "Captain Amazon - Pirate Queen"). In "The Tree House" he is said to have married an unnamed daughter of Dr. Thorne, whom he met while saving them from the Rope People. It's very possible, albeit never stated, that Maude and Miss Thorne were the very same.

He met and befriended Dr Axel, who saved his life and later delivered the future 21st Phantom. He was also the one to help Axel start up his Jungle Hospital, as said in "Dr Axel and the Witchmen" and several later stories.

In "The Singh Brotherhood" the current Phantom tells Diana that his father died after a battle with the Singh Pirates, a story that is repeated in "The Childhood of the Phantom (1944 story)". In "The Childhood of the Phantom (1959 story)" he is shown to have died after a gunfight with river pirates and in "The Belt" dies after being stabbed in the back by Rama, a Singh Pirate.

According to Moonstone

The 20th Phantom fought the Singh Brotherhood in 1936.

According to Bastei

According to the Bastei stories, the current Phantom is the 15th, meaning that there hasn't yet appeared a 20th Phantom. The current Phantom's father is therefore the 14th Phantom.

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Daily/Sunday stories

Title Writer Artist Set in Comments
"The Beasts of Phantom Head Peak" Falk Olesen, Williams ?? succeeded his father, who died climbing Phantom Head Peak
"Queen Medusa" Falk Olesen, Fredericks ?? met Mozz the teller for the first time
"The Tree House" Falk Barry ?? met his wife
"The Chain" Falk McCoy ?? saved and married his wife
"The Childhood of the Phantom (1944 story)" Falk McCoy ??
"The Childhood of the Phantom (1959 story)" Falk McCoy ??
"The Keeper of the Peace" Falk Barry ?? mentioned
"The Trial of Patrolman Zokko" Falk Barry "twenty years ago" mentioned
"The Kimberly Diamonds" Falk Barry "twenty years ago"
"The Snake Goddess" Falk Barry ??
"Buried Treasure" Falk Olesen, Williams ?? mentioned as "daddy's father", met the Little People
"The Fire Peak Tribe" DePaul Nolan ??
"Temple of the Gods, Part 1: The U-Boat Mystery" DePaul Olesen, Williams, Ryan ?? mentioned as founder of Eden
"The Belt" Falk McCoy ?? killed by Rama Singh

Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Set in Comments
"The Prisoner in Marrakech" Lundström Vallvé 1912 The 20th Phantom is born
"Bastis the Cat Goddess" Reimerthi Felmang, Benny 1922
"The Ibis Mystery, Part 3: Scarface" Worker Leppänen ca. 1923 The 20th Phantom was born 1912 and looks like 10-11
"Saved by Fate Jansson Lindahl 1928
"Return of the Ghost" Lundström Vallvé 1935
"The Jackal" Worker Bade 1936
"Escape from Devil's Island" Bade, Granberg Bade 1936
"The Hollywood Murders" DePaul Boix 1938
"The Spear of Destiny, Part 3" Raab Boix 1938?
"Nosferatu's Revenge" Reimerthi Ordon 1939
"Curse of the Medicine Men" Lundström Eralp 1941
"The Devil's Library, Part 2: The Devil in Disguise" Reimerthi Boix 1942
"The Traitor" Broberg Eralp 194?
"1943, Part 1" Rassy Saviuk 1943
"1943, Part 2" Rassy Saviuk 1943
"Operation Enigma" Bishop Spadari 1943
"Eden" Avenell Lindahl 1943, 1945
"The Heart of Darkness VII - Part 3: The Saboteurs" Reimerthi Boix 1944
"The Heart of Darkness VII - Part 4: Operation Götterdämmerung" Reimerthi Boix 1944
"The Heart of Darkness VII - Part 5: The Ark of the Covenant" Reimerthi Boix 1944
"Lotosi's Treasure" Avenell Vallvé 194?
"Tirangi's Burial Ground" Borgnes Leppänen 1945
"King Fatso" Moberg Felmang, Benny 1947
"Kingdom of the Amazons" Goodall Felmang, Ferri 194? Set when the 21st Phantom has just had his 8th birthday
"The Murder Rap" Moberg Bade 1950
"Quabar's Secret" Darell Eralp 1950
"The Test" Worker Leppänen 1956 It is set on the 17th birthday of The 21st Phantom who was born 1939 according to Team Fantomen
"The Witch" Granberg Eralp 19??
"The Monster" Avenell Bade 19??
"The Flying Horse" Falk Eralp 19??
"The Secret of the Falls Stern Giordano 19??
"The Wolf Monster Worker Spadari "30 years ago"
"The 21st Phantom" Reimerthi Ryan

Fratelli Spada stories

Title Writer Artist Set in Comments
"The Diamond from Kolahoore" unknown Jannì ?? only attributed to the 20th Phantom in Team Fantomen lore

RGE stories

Title Writer Artist Set in Comments
"The Great Champion" Menezes RGE team 1920
"The Amazons" Barrocas Amaral 1935-1945

Moonstone stories

Title Writer Artist Set in Comments
"The Singh Web" Raab Blanco 1936

Frew stories

Title Writer Artist Set in Comments
"Full Circle, Part 1" Manna Manna WW2
"Full Circle, Part 2" Manna Manna WW2
"Inked in Blood, Part 1" Andersson Paulos 1953
"Inked in Blood, Part 2" Andersson Paulos 1953
"The Raven, Part 1" Constant Rodriguez 1959
"The Raven, Part 2" Constant Rodriguez 1959

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