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The 21st Phantom

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Kit Walker redirects here, for the son of the 21st Phantom, see: Kit. For the father of the first Phantom, see: Captain Kit Walker. For anyone of the other Phantoms, see their respective page (links at the bottom).
The 21st Phantom
Active years (Team Fantomen):
Active years (Lee Falk):
Early/mid 1900's - present
Active years (Moonstone):
Active years (Bastei):
Active years (Other producers):

The 21st Phantom is the current Phantom and the main character of the Phantom comic strip. He has been the main character of the strip since its creation in 1936, and – like most comic heroes – has not aged very much since then.

Fictional Character Biography

According to Lee Falk

The twenty-first Phantom's birth name is Christopher Walker (it was the tradition of the Phantom's for the eldest boy, who would be Phantom, to be named Christopher), although this is often shortened to "Kit". Kit was born in the Skull Cave, and spent his first years in the jungle in Bangalla.

Like all other Phantoms, the 21st is an expert marksman, fencer and a master in several fighting styles. His jungle training has brought him to the peak of physical fitness and he is able to traverse both jungle and city with silence and stealth.

At the age of 10 a young Kit travelled to America with Guran to attend school . While there he stayed with his aunt and uncle. During this time, a lion escaped from the local zoo and Kit and Guran were the ones to capture it without any harm coming to either the animal or any other people. It was during this adventure that Kit first met his future love interest and wife, Diana Palmer. The Childhood of the Phantom

While at university, Kit and Diana dated for a time until Kit received news of his father’s impending death. Having to leave America straight away for Bengalla to be at his dying fathers’ side, Kit was not able to explain to Diana where or why he had gone and so Diana assumed he had simply abandoned her. They would not meet again until Diana became the target of Achmed Singh, who tried to kidnap her The Singh Brotherhood (story).

As with all past Phantoms, the 21st has frequently come up against his arch nemesis, The Singh Brotherhood. He has defended Bengalla against the continuous attempts of the despot General Babo Bababu to gain control of the nation after it became independent from the British, and helped the nation’s first president, Lamanda Luaga, come to power The Mysterious Ambassador (daily story). He helped defend Bangalla from the Japanese during World War Two The Inexorables, and has dispatched many criminal organisations, such as The Sky Band, the Golden Circle, The Vultures and Hydra to name just a few.

According to Team Fantomen

The twenty-first Phantom's birth name is Christopher Walker (he is, however, nicknamed Kit). Kit was born in the Skull Cave, and spent his first years in the jungle in Bangalla. His mother, Maude Thorne McPatrick, came from Wisconsin in the United States, he came to study in Missisippi when he was twelve years old, living with his aunt Lucy and uncle Jasper in the town of Clarksville.

Here he met his wife-to-be, Diana Palmer. Kit was an extremely talented sportsman, and was predicted to become the world champion of many different events (even knocking out the world heavyweight boxing champion in a sparring match when the champion visited Clarksville). Despite being able to choose practically any career he wanted, Kit faithfully returned to Bangalla to take over the role of the Phantom when he received word that his father was dying from a knife-wound.

One of Kit's first missions as the Phantom was to find his father's killer, Rama Singh, who had betrayed and murdered the 20th Phantom by stabbing him in the back, stealing his special gunbelt in the process. The Phantom eventually found him and reclaimed the belt at the island of Gullique, but before he could avenge his father and bring Rama to jail, Rama managed to blow up his lair, killing himself and his henchmen in the process.


According to present day production, the current Phantom is the 21st of the line. The first stories to state this was produced in the early 1950's, with "The Mysterious Passenger" as one early example. However, other stories (e.g. "The Adventures of Lucy Cary") kept referring to the present Phantom as the 20th for more than 20 years.

When Ulf Granberg began preparations for a bigger Scandinavian based production, one of the first actions was to prepare a table for the births and deaths of the Phantoms. Initially, Team Fantomen regarded the current Phantom to be the 20th, but in the mid-70's Lee Falk finally stated that the current Phantom is the 21st, and the Scandinavian production decided to follow this.

Other producers of Phantom stories generally have accepted the current Phantom being the 21st, with the notable exception of the Bastei stories, where he is considered the 15th.

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