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Graham Nolan

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Graham Nolan
Biographical information
Born: March 12, 1962
Died: N/A
Nationality: Mini usa.gif American
Occupation: Artist, Cover artist, Writer, Colorist
Website: N/A

Graham Nolan is a comic book artist, best-known for work for DC Comics on Batman-related titles in the 1990s and his work on "The Phantom" Sunday strip. He frequently collaborates with writer Chuck Dixon.


Graham Nolan started his career as a comic artist in the mid-1980's for various US comic publishers. His first long run was on Airboy, written by Chuck Dixon and published by Eclipse comics. Nolan and Dixon created seven issues of Airboy in 1987.

After this, Nolan began to frequently draw comics for DC Comics, including long runs on Power of the Atom and Hawkworld before landing a job on Detective Comics. Nolan drew Detective Comics from 1992 to 1998, scripted by Chuck Dixon.

In 1998, Nolan created and published his own comic strip, "Monster Island". When this story was reprinted as a back-up feature in the Scandinavian Phantom comic books (Fantomen and Fantomet), Nolan was also asked to provide painted Phantom covers for three issues. This, combined with the Phantom story "Death's Dark Path" which Nolan and Chuck Dixon had made previously for a trading card series, led to Nolan being offered the job as artist on the Phantom Sunday strip in 2000. Nolan quickly accepted the offer, as the character had been one of his favorites since childhood.

By the time he was offered to work with The Phantom he was already the daily and Sunday artist on another newspaper strip, "Rex Morgan, M.D.". Originally his intention had been to syndicate his own "Monster Island" strip, but when it was rejected he was offered work on "Rex Morgan" and later on "The Phantom".

Nolan pencilled, inked, lettered and colored his work on these two newspaper strips. He also filled in on the "Judge Parker" strip for a week in late 2006 when artist Eduardo Barreto was injured in a car accident in Uruguay.

In 2006, Nolan also drew a story for Moonstone Books' Phantom Annual, which was written by his former Batman-partner, Chuck Dixon.

He left the Phantom strip in 2006, with Paul Ryan taking over for him on the Sunday pages, to work on other projects. During his tenure he also wrote one Phantom Sunday story, and he has written another story for Team Fantomen.

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Phantom work by Graham Nolan


Sunday stories

# Title Writer Artist Start End
1 "Woduro's Secret" Reimerthi Nolan 6 Aug 2000 4 Mar 2001
2 "The Lion's Head Tamarine" Reimerthi Nolan 11 Mar 2001 7 Oct 2001
3 "The War Mongers" Reimerthi Nolan 14 Oct 2001 7 Apr 2002
4 "The Briefcase" Reimerthi Nolan 14 Apr 2002 29 Sep 2002
5 "The Snake Goddess's Island" Reimerthi Nolan 6 Oct 2002 30 Mar 2003
6 "Terror in Mawitaan" DePaul Nolan 6 Apr 2003 28 Sep 2003
7 "The Sinbad Stone" Nolan Nolan 5 Oct 2003 28 Mar 2004
8 "The Viking Fortress Mystery" DePaul Nolan 4 Apr 2004 26 Sep 2004
9 "The Iron Python" DePaul Nolan 3 Oct 2004 27 Mar 2005
10 "The Prince Rex Conspiracy" DePaul Nolan 3 Apr 2005 25 Sep 2005
11 "On the Trail of an Assassin" DePaul Nolan 2 Oct 2005 26 Mar 2006
12 "The Fire Peak Tribe" DePaul Nolan 2 Apr 2006 24 Sep 2006
13 "The Time Skip" DePaul Nolan 1 Oct 2006 25 Mar 2007

Team Fantomen stories

# Title Writer Artist
1 "The Boy from San Diablo" Nolan Leppänen

Moonstone stories

# Title Writer Artist
1 "Five Days of the Dragon Chapter 3" Dixon Nolan

Other stories

# Title Writer Artist
1 "Death's Dark Path" Dixon Nolan
2 "Death's Dark Path, Part 2" Dixon Nolan