The 24th Phantom

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The 24th Phantom
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Phantom 2040: 2040-?

The 24th Phantom is one of the Phantoms. As the current Phantom generally is considered the 21st, the 24th Phantom is a futuristic character. So far he has only appeared in Phantom 2040.

Fictional Character Biography

According to Phantom 2040

Kit became orphaned at a the age of two, when his father died (his mother were already dead), and was raised by his great aunt Heloise in Metropia (once known as New York City). Heloise hoped that Kit's fate as a crime fighter could be avoided, though later she had to accept his choice. He therefore, unlike his ancestors, had no training to become the Phantom.

On his eighteenth birthday, Guran reveals the truth to him. He is then given the Skull Ring and the Phantom suit and later, he swears the Oath of the Phantom.

Piece by piece, he gets to know his history. And finally how his father, the 23rd Phantom, came to die.

Phantom 2040 stories

Title Writer Artist Set in Comments
"Generation Unto Generation" Quinones Ditko, Reinhold 2040
"Fighting Alone" Quinones Ditko, Reinhold 2040
"Frozen Hatreds" Quinones Ditko, Reinhold 2040
"Vision Quest" Quinones Ditko, Reinhold 2040

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