The 22nd Phantom

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The 22nd Phantom
Active years (Team Fantomen):
Unknown future
Active years (Lee Falk):
Active years (Moonstone):
Active years (Bastei):
Active years (Other producers):
Marvel Comics: Near future
SyFy: Present

The 22nd Phantom is one of the Phantoms. As the current Phantom generally is considered the 21st, the 22nd Phantom is a futuristic character.

Fictional Character Biography

According to Team Fantomen

Kit and Heloise, the children of the 21st Phantom constantly fight about who is to be the next Phantom, and their father has expressed his hopes in them both. Old man Mozz has had a precognition about them both swearing the Oath of the Skull after their father goes missing. There, Kit wears the Skull Ring and Heloise wears the Ring with the Good Mark. The First Assignment

According to Marvel

The three-part The Phantom miniseries produced by Marvel Comics presumably features a future, adult version of Kit Walker, the son of the current Phantom. Notably, there is no mentioning of the daughter of the current Phantom, Heloise, alhtough the Phantom appearing in the miniseries gives his daughter the same name.

The 22nd Phantom is regarded as the grimmest of the line, changing the Phantom costume to a much darker purple and fighting viciously and violently, although he never killed. It is not known what caused Kit to become so angered, but it is assumed that it has a lot to do with the death of his father at the hands of General Bababu.

Kit first came to prominence as the 22nd Phantom during the Kataba Mining scandal in which the company tried to gain permission to mine the land of the Ituri tribe. The company was denied permission, however General Bababu, who had returned to Bengali and was behind the mining operation plans, had the jungle Chiefs killed so their voices of protest could not be heard. Kit exposed the truth and exiled Bababu from Bengali.

Kit upgraded the Phantom costume so that it is made from body armour. He also included a number of electronics into the costume including, but not limited to, infra-red lenses in the mask and a small computer in one of the wrist bands.

The 22nd Phantom seems to work alone. The Bandar tribe and Guran are still fiercely loyal to him and he requires their assistance from time to time.

According to SyFy

The 22nd Phantom appears in his new suit to his love interest Renny Davidson.

He was born as Kit Walker, then his father (21st Phantom) dies of cancer and his mother is killed in a car crash trying to escape kidnappers from the Singh Brotherhood; he is adopted and renamed Chris. Years later, members of his father's old organization, the successor to the Jungle Patrol, contact him and persuade him to assume the mantle of his father. After his parents are murdered by the Singh Brotherhood and his girlfriend's father is badly injured because of them, he reluctantly agrees, but insists on a totally new version of the traditional Phantom suit.

He meets his love interest, a paramedic named Renny, when she patches up his friend who is injured while they are indulging in parkour in their New York neighborhood.

According to Dynamite

A man was rescued by the 21st Phantom, but the Phantom was mortally wounded. The rescued man took the role of the 22nd Phantom, as the real heir to the title was missing. He searched for the rightful heir to the Phantom legacy, but died during the attempted invasion of Earth by Ming the Merciless. He was succeeded by Lothar who would continue the search for the Phantom heir. Kings Watch Pt 5

Notable Appearances

Team Fantomen stories

# Title Writer Artist
1 "The First Assignment" Raab Mann

Marvel stories

# Title Writer Artist
1 "Called to Account" DeVries Lumsden
2 "Heart of Darkness" DeVries Lumsden
3 "Divine Legends" DeVries Lumsden

SyFy episodes

Dynamite stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"Kings Watch Part 1" Parker Laming
"Kings Watch Part 2" Parker Laming
"Kings Watch Part 3" Parker Laming
"Kings Watch Part 4" Parker Laming
"Kings Watch Part 5" Parker Laming

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