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Claes Reimerthi

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Claes Reimerthi
Biographical information
Born: January 12, 1955
Died: July 23, 2021
Nationality: Mini sweden.gif Swedish
Occupation: Writer
Website: N/A
Winner.jpg Best Story (Sweden) Winner.jpg

1984: "The First Phantom"
2001: "The Prodigal Son"
2000: "The Phantom vs Singh 2050"
2007 (new story): "The Phantom Crusader, Part 1"
2009: "The Phantom Gladiator, Part 1"
2013: "Year 1349"
2016: "Nat Turner's Spirit, Part 6: The King of Louisiana"
2018: "The Ghost at Gallows' Inn"
Winner.jpg Best Story (Norway) Winner.jpg
1998: "The Last Phantom, Part 1: The Eighth Circle"
2000: "The Phantom vs Singh 2050"
2002: "In A Strange Land, Part 2"
2007: "Dogai - The Road to Power"
2008: "The Devil of Ravenscar"
2009: "Duel at Deadman's Gulch"
Winner.jpg Best Story (Finland) Winner.jpg
1986: "The Moor of Death"

Claes Reimerthi (1955–2021) was a prolific Swedish comics writer who wrote scripts for Team Fantomen from 1984 until shortly before his death. He also wrote scripts for the newspaper strip for King Features 2000–2003 and was the main writer for the Phantom Sunday page those years.


Reimerthi was an aspiring comics artist who submitted his own comic to Svenska Serier in the late 1970's, but was turned down by editor Ulf Granberg. A few years later, Reimerthi met Dai Darell who by then had begun writing scripts for "The Phantom". Inspired and helped by Darell, Reimerthi began a career as a scriptwriter for comics and by the end of 1984 he was a part of Team Fantomen (initially under the pseudonym Michael Tierres, an anagram of his own name).[1]

Over the years, Reimerthi has become the main writer for the Phantom stories produced for the Fantomen comic book. He has written more stories than any other Team Fantomen writer, and in later years he was responsible for some of the most important story arcs.

As of early 2012, he has written over 200 regular stories on behalf of Team Fantomen. In addition he wrote "The Heart of Darkness", a serialized story divided into seven chapters and totally covering 50 episodes of over 350 pages in total.

After the death of Lee Falk, Reimerthi supplied scripts for the Phantom newspaper strip from 1999 to 2003, in total nine stories, two of which were remakes of earlier Team Fantomen stories.

Reimerthi was one of Sweden's most productive comic creators, and has also written scripts for the licensed versions of "Kerry Drake" and "The Gauntlet of Fate"; the comedy strips "91:an", "Lilla Fridolf" and "Sputnik"; the children's comic "Bamse" and the historical graphic novel series "Gustaf Vasa" about the Swedish king of the same name.

Reimerthi was also a comics scholar who has written several books, articles and reviews of comics and comics creators.

From 2013 to 2015, Claes Reimerthi and Hans Lindahl were the editors managing the production of new Team Fantomen stories.

Reimerthi retired from writing Phantom scripts in early 2021. He passed away suddenly and unexpected later that year.

Phantom work by Claes Reimerthi


Team Fantomen stories

#   1 – 100
# Title Writer Artist
1 "Gold Fever, Part 1" Tierres Vallvé
2 "Gold Fever, Part 2" Tierres Vallvé
3 "The First Phantom" Sweden - 1984 Tierres Leppänen
4 "Black Glove, Part 1" Tierres Westad
5 "Black Glove, Part 2" Tierres Westad, Sydsæter
6 "The Wreck in Timpenni Sound" Tierres Bade
7 "The Carnival of Death" Tierres Vallvé ¤
8 "The Crying Idol" Tierres Bess
9 "The Fire of Life" Tierres Lindahl
10 "The Coffin from Bombay" Tierres Vallvé ¤
11 "Shamur's Eye" Tierres Vallvé ¤
12 "Black Fagin" Tierres Leppänen
13 "The Moor of Death" Finland - 1986 Tierres Vallvé ¤
14 "Easy Money" Tierres Bess ¤
15 "The Demon of Misty Island" Tierres Westad, Eralp ¤
16 "Deadly Infection" Tierres Vallvé
17 "The Swamp of Horrors" Tierres Wilhelmsson, Eralp
18 "The Venetian Ghost" Tierres Vallvé ¤
19 "The Prisoner Who didn't Exist" Tierres Vallvé
20 "The Blood Night" Tierres Vallvé
21 "The Ghost Ship" Tierres Wilhelmsson, Eralp ¤
22 "The Elephant Sect" Tierres Wilhelmsson, Eralp
23 "The Rose of Cairo, Part 1" Tierres Lindahl
24 "The Rose of Cairo, Part 2: Pandora's Box" Tierres Lindahl
25 "Death in the East End, Part 1: The College Ghost" Tierres Bess
26 "Death in the East End, Part 2" Tierres Bess
27 "Death in the East End, Part 3: Castle in the Sea" Tierres Lindahl
28 "The River of Horrors" Tierres Wilhelmsson, Eralp ¤
29 "Jamaica Jack's Treasure" Tierres Vallvé ¤
30 "The Elixir Maker" Tierres Wilhelmsson, Eralp ¤
31 "The Minotaurus Cult" Tierres Vallvé ¤
32 "The Secret of the Haunted Castle" Tierres Felmang, Waldrag
33 "The Harbour Rats" Tierres Wilhelmsson, Eralp ¤
34 "Deadly Intent" Tierres Wilhelmsson, Eralp ¤
35 "The Raid in Sanloi" Tierres Leppänen
36 "Duel to the Death" Tierres Bade ¤
37 "The Hunchback" Tierres Vallvé ¤
38 "The Mysterious Prisoner" Tierres Vallvé
39 "Death's Hour" Tierres Vallvé ¤
40 "The Storm Maker" Tierres Felmang, Waldrag
41 "Night of the Jesters" Tierres Vallvé ¤
42 "The Demon in the Tower" Tierres Vallvé ¤
43 "The Mysterious Inheritance" Tierres Lindahl
44 "Secret of the Volcano Valley" Eralp, Tierres Eralp ¤
45 "Cleopatra's Asp" Tierres Leppänen
46 "Jezebel" Tierres Bade ¤
47 "Death in the Depth" Tierres Vallvé ¤
48 "The Wings of Death" Tierres Felmang, Ferri
49 "The Devil's Cauldron" Tierres Vallvé ¤
50 "Marineland Drug Menace" Tierres Felmang, Ferri
51 "Redbeard the Traitor" Tierres Olesen
52 "From the Other Side of the Grave" Tierres Vallvé ¤
53 "The Mark of Death" Tierres Vallvé ¤
54 "The Guardian Angel" Tierres Felmang, Ferri
55 "Mojados" Tierres Cruz
56 "In the Shadow of Death" Tierres Vallvé ¤
57 "The Last Mission" Tierres Felmang, Ferri
58 "Death in Venice" Tierres Vallvé ¤
59 "Jungle Snow" Tierres Felmang, Ferri, Benny
60 "Evil Schemes" Tierres Felmang, Benny
61 "The Missing Link" Tierres Felmang, Benny ¤
62 "Election in Bengali, Part 1: The Challenger" Reimerthi Lindahl
63 "Election in Bengali, Part 2: The Loser" Reimerthi Lindahl
64 "The Evil Game, Part 1" Reimerthi Cruz
65 "The Evil Game, Part 2" Reimerthi Cruz
66 "Seconds from Death" Reimerthi Lindahl
67 "Revenge of the Hypnotist" Reimerthi Cruz
68 "The Triads, Part 1: Deadly Cargo" Reimerthi Felmang, Benny
69 "The Triads, Part 2: The Five Thunderbolts" Reimerthi Felmang, Rancho
70 "The Triads, Part 3: The Tiger Queen" Reimerthi Felmang, Ferri
71 "The Triads, Part 4: Death in Shanghai" Reimerthi Felmang, Ferri
72 "The Triads, Part 5: At the End of the Road" Reimerthi Felmang, Benny
73 "Caught in the Crossfire" Reimerthi Cruz
74 "The Count of Bengali" Reimerthi Felmang, Benny, Usam
75 "The Secret Agent" Reimerthi Cruz
76 "Duel on Destiny Top, Part 1" Reimerthi Cruz
77 "Duel on Destiny Top, Part 2" Reimerthi Cruz
78 "The Street Kids" Reimerthi Spadari
79 "Public Enemy Number One" Reimerthi Leppänen
80 "Captain Walker's Log Book, Part 1" Reimerthi Felmang, Usam
81 "The Devil's Library, Part 1" Reimerthi Boix
82 "Captain Walker's Log Book, Part 2: The Golden Man" Reimerthi Felmang, Rancho
83 "Operation Hades" Reimerthi Cruz
84 "The Devil's Library, Part 2: The Devil in Disguise" Reimerthi Boix
85 "The Royal Murder Plot, Part 2" Reimerthi Cruz
86 "The Devil's Library, Part 3: The Hellhound" Reimerthi Boix
87 "The Wages of Sin" Reimerthi Felmang, Morrik
88 "The Pugilist" Reimerthi Felmang, Benny
89 "Death of Lubanga, Part 1: The Peace Prize Winner" Reimerthi Lindahl
90 "Death of Lubanga, Part 2: The Last Battle" Reimerthi Lindahl
91 "The Devil's Library, Part 4: The Secret Chamber" Reimerthi Leppänen
92 "The Ghostly Ruins" Reimerthi Leppänen
93 "The Golden Fleece, Part 1: Argo" Reimerthi Boix
94 "Bastis the Cat Goddess" Reimerthi Felmang, Benny
95 "The Golden Fleece, Part 2: The Grave of Tiberius" Reimerthi Boix
96 "The Golden Fleece, Part 3: Medea's Revenge" Reimerthi Boix
97 "The Golden Fleece, Part 4" Reimerthi Boix
98 "Marabella" Reimerthi Felmang, Benny
99 "Puppets of Death" Reimerthi Cruz
100 "The Royal Palace Fire" Reimerthi Lindahl
#101 – 200
# Title Writer Artist
101 "The Inheritance" Reimerthi Lindahl
102 "Worubu's Secret" Reimerthi Cruz
103 "The Betrayal" Reimerthi Bade
104 "Revenge of the Harlequin" Reimerthi Cruz
105 "The Last Phantom, Part 1: The Eighth Circle" Norway - 1998 Reimerthi Felmang
106 "The Last Phantom, Part 2: The Choice" Reimerthi Felmang
107 "Mystery of the Crypt" Reimerthi Boix
108 "Lord of the Jungle" Reimerthi, Johnsen Bade
109 "A Deadly Game" Reimerthi Cruz
110 "The Montbar Treasure" Reimerthi Boix
111 "The Voodoo Menace" Reimerthi Bade
112 "The Gold Buddha" Reimerthi Cruz
113 "Alliance of the Golden Ox" Reimerthi Spadari
114 "The Lethal Science" Reimerthi Lindahl
115 "The Castle of Darkness" Reimerthi Boix
116 "The Halloween Gang" Reimerthi Lindahl
117 "Live Cargo" Reimerthi Spadari
118 "St Lucifer of the Darkness" Reimerthi Bade
119 "Fight Evil, Part 1" Reimerthi Bade
120 "Fight Evil, Part 2" Reimerthi Felmang, Morrik
121 "Julie and the Witchdoctor" Reimerthi Felmang, Morrik
123 "The Phantom vs Singh 2050" Sweden - 2000 Norway - 2000 Reimerthi Lindahl
124 "Treasure of St Lucifer" Reimerthi Bade
125 "Island of Vengeance" Reimerthi Lindahl
126 "Durham's Curse" Reimerthi Boix
127 "The Prodigal Son" Sweden - 2001 Reimerthi Spadari
128 "Night of the Pirates" Reimerthi Boix
129 "The Ghost House" Reimerthi Boix
130 "The Witch Hunt" Reimerthi Boix
131 "The New Pupil" Reimerthi Boix
132 "The Hellhound" Reimerthi Cruz
133 "In A Strange Land, Part 1" Reimerthi Spadari
134 "In A Strange Land, Part 2" Norway - 2002 Reimerthi Spadari
135 "Patrolman Weeks Suspended" Reimerthi Mann
136 "Revenge of the Shipwreckers" Reimerthi Giordano
137 "Return of the Halloween Gang" Reimerthi Ryan
138 "The Mask of Gaguwara" Reimerthi Boix
139 "The Bank Robbers" Reimerthi Mann
140 "Curse of the Troll Drum" Reimerthi Lindahl
141 "The Cruel Revenge" Reimerthi Boix
142 "Secret of the Skulls, Part 1" Reimerthi Lindahl
143 "Secret of the Skulls, Part 2" Reimerthi McLeod
144 "Secret of the Skulls, Part 3" Reimerthi Ryan
145 "The Vanishing Lake" Reimerthi Giordano
146 "Dogai Singh's Treasure" Reimerthi Ryan
147 "The Hood" Reimerthi Boix
148 "The 21st Phantom" Reimerthi Ryan
149 "Molok" Reimerthi Ryan
150 "The Courier" Reimerthi Saviuk
151 "The Lethal Trap" Reimerthi Leppänen
152 "The Black Widow" Reimerthi Ryan
153 "The Grim Reaper" Reimerthi Ryan
154 "Annihilate All Singh" Reimerthi Boix
155 "Death at the Fun Park" Reimerthi Lindahl
156 "The Secret Singh Leader" Reimerthi Spadari
157 "In the Shadow of Death" Reimerthi Lindahl
158 "Diana's Crisis, Part 2: Diana Disappears" Reimerthi Ryan, McLeod
159 "The Phantom - Man or Myth?" Reimerthi Saviuk
160 "The Redeemer, Part 1: Healing Hands" Reimerthi Leppänen
161 "The Redeemer, Part 2: The Farm" Reimerthi Lindahl
162 "The Redeemer, Part 3: The Army" Reimerthi McLeod
163 "The Racist Cult" Reimerthi Bade
164 "Jonathon Wild, Part 1: King of Thieves" Reimerthi Leppänen
165 "Jonathon Wild, Part 2: Sentenced to Hang" Reimerthi Leppänen
166 "The Shadow" Reimerthi Leppänen
167 "The Plunderers of Kinloch Island" Reimerthi McLeod, Whigham
168 "The Philosopher's Stone, Part 1: Phoenix Reborn" Reimerthi Lindahl
169 "The Philosopher's Stone, Part 2: King of Beggars" Reimerthi Leppänen
170 "The Philosopher's Stone, Part 3: The Lost Library" Reimerthi Saviuk, Giordano
171 "The Philosopher's Stone, Part 4: The Middle of the World" Reimerthi Leppänen
172 "Return of the Commander, Part 1" Reimerthi Boix
173 "The Loch Ness Monster" Reimerthi Bade
174 "Return of the Commander, Part 2" Reimerthi Boix
175 "Deadly Virus" Reimerthi Spadari
176 "The Phantom Crusader, Part 1" Sweden - 2007 Reimerthi Leppänen
177 "The Phantom Crusader, Part 2" Reimerthi Leppänen
178 "Dogai - The Road to Power" Norway - 2007 Reimerthi Lindahl
179 "The New President" Reimerthi Velluto
180 "The New Leader" Reimerthi Lindahl
181 "The Phantom Crusader, Part 3" Reimerthi Leppänen
182 "Dark Justice" Reimerthi Bade
183 "The Great Deception, Part 1" Reimerthi Boix
184 "The Great Deception, Part 2" Reimerthi Spadari
185 "The White Elephant" Reimerthi Bade
186 "The Pirate Festival" Reimerthi Leppänen
187 "The Mystery at Pendragon House" Reimerthi Boix
188 "The Devil of Ravenscar" Norway - 2008 Reimerthi Bade
189 "Secret of the Leech Pond" Reimerthi Leppänen
190 "The Gandor Sect" Reimerthi Bade
191 "The Phantom Gladiator, Part 1" Sweden - 2009 Reimerthi Leppänen
192 "Wipe out Bengete" Reimerthi Bade
193 "The Phantom Gladiator, Part 2" Reimerthi Leppänen
194 "Duel at Deadman's Gulch" Norway - 2009 Reimerthi Lindahl
195 "Hotspot Barbados" Reimerthi Lindahl
196 "The Invasion of Baronkhan" Reimerthi Felmang
197 "Cloak of Darkness" Reimerthi Bade
198 "Patrolman Aurora" Reimerthi Velluto
199 "The Governor and Scarface" Reimerthi Leppänen
200 "Walker's Ride" Reimerthi Velluto
#201 – 282
# Title Writer Artist
201 "In the Shadow of the Guillotine" Reimerthi Bade
202 "Power of the Skull Mark" Reimerthi Bade
203 "The Legend of Rahotep, Part 1" Reimerthi Leppänen
204 "The Skull Murders" Reimerthi Velluto
205 "The Legend of Rahotep, Part 2" Reimerthi Leppänen
206 "Fatal Salvation" Reimerthi Bade
207 "Dangerous Escape" Reimerthi Felmang, Ferri
208 "Fateful Meeting" Reimerthi Lindahl
209 "Encounter With Murder" Reimerthi Boix
210 "The Legend of Rahotep, Part 3" Reimerthi Leppänen
211 "The Scapegoat" Reimerthi Velluto
212 "Burnt Offering" Reimerthi Bade
213 "Grinning Jack's Treasure" Reimerthi Spadari
214 "Save Jerusalem" Reimerthi Leppänen
215 "The Resurrection Man" Reimerthi Bade
216 "Prisoner in the Skull Cave" Reimerthi Lindahl
217 "Secret of the Templar Knights" Reimerthi Leppänen
218 "The Devil Camp" Reimerthi Saviuk
219 "The Brotherhood of the Ring" Reimerthi Bade
220 "Year 1349" Sweden - 2013 Reimerthi Leppänen
221 "The Search For Mu" Reimerthi, Lindahl Spadari
222 "Rodia - Twilight" Reimerthi Felmang
223 "Rodia - Night" Reimerthi Boix
224 "Invisible Eyes" Reimerthi Bade
225 "Rodia - Dawn" Reimerthi Boix
226 "The Last of the Merovingans" Reimerthi Leppänen
227 "Epilogue" Reimerthi Boix
228 "Raiders of the Lost City, Part 1" Reimerthi Saviuk
229 "Blood Red Sea" Reimerthi Boix
230 "Raiders of the Lost City, Part 2" Reimerthi Saviuk
231 "Nat Turner's Spirit, Part 1" Reimerthi Leppänen
232 "Nat Turner's Spirit, Part 2" Reimerthi Leppänen
233 "The Skull Gang" Reimerthi Bade
234 "Ticket to Freedom" Reimerthi Jonsson
235 "Nat Turner's Spirit, Part 3" Reimerthi Leppänen
236 "Singh War, Part 1: The Flying Dutchman" Reimerthi Spadari
237 "Singh War, Part 2: Rodiagate" Reimerthi Bade
238 "The Thief" Reimerthi Saviuk
239 "Nat Turner's Spirit, Part 4: A Diabolical Plan" Reimerthi Leppänen
240 "Predator's Road" Reimerthi Bade
241 "Snake in Paradise" Reimerthi Spadari
242 "Nat Turner's Spirit, Part 5: Revolt" Reimerthi Leppänen
243 "Nat Turner's Spirit, Part 6: The King of Louisiana" Sweden - 2016 Reimerthi Leppänen
244 "The 22nd Phantom, Part 1: The Empty Throne" Reimerthi Ryan
245 "The 22nd Phantom, Part 2: Baptism of Fire" Reimerthi Saviuk
246 "The 22nd Phantom, Part 3: The Man in the Shadows" Reimerthi Ruiz, Martínez
247 "Lost at Sea, Part 1: The Island of Mysteries" Reimerthi Spadari
248 "Lost at Sea, Part 2: The Singing Statues" Reimerthi Spadari
249 "The Ghost of Thanatos" Reimerthi Bade
250 "Black Dagger, Part 1: The Rag Doll" Reimerthi Leppänen
251 "Black Dagger, Part 2: The Curse of Black Annis" Reimerthi Leppänen
252 "The Man with Six Fingers" Reimerthi Saviuk
253 "Shadows over Spyglass" Reimerthi Boix
254 "Butterfly Man" Reimerthi Spadari
255 "The Scavengers" Reimerthi Ruiz, Martínez
256 "The Dark Chalice, Part 1: The Ghost in Glastonbury" Reimerthi Leppänen
257 "The Dark Chalice, Part 2: The Tomb of the Sorceress" Reimerthi Leppänen
258 "The Ghost at Gallows' Inn" Sweden - 2018 Reimerthi Bade
259 "The Angel of Retribution" Reimerthi Boix
260 "The Fight Against Singh, Part 1: Shadows over Singhtown" Reimerthi Ordon
261 "The Fight Against Singh, Part 2: In the Shadow of the Enemy" Reimerthi Ordon
262 Reimerthi Leppänen
263 "The Man in the Shadows" Reimerthi Bade
264 Kit and the Pirates Reimerthi Spadari
265 "The Prisoner of the Golden Cage" Reimerthi Boix, Ruiz, Martínez
266 "The Fight Against Singh, Part 3: Gauntlet with Death" Reimerthi Ordon
267 "The Treasure of Jean Lafitte" Reimerthi Leppänen
268 "The Fight Against Singh, Part 4: A Family Affair" Reimerthi Ordon
269 "The Secret Theatre, Part 1: The Man with the Silver Nose" Reimerthi Leppänen
270 "The Secret Theatre, Part 2: Shakespeare in Venice" Reimerthi Leppänen
271 "The Secret Theatre, Part 3: The Final Performance" Reimerthi Leppänen
272 "The Highway Robbers" Reimerthi Ordon
273 "The False Jean Lafitte" Reimerthi Spay
274 "Stolen Rings" Reimerthi Müller, Spay
275 "The Island" Reimerthi Leppänen
276 "Attack on the Jungle Hospital" Reimerthi Ordon
277 "In the Claws of the Vultures" Reimerthi Ordon
278 "A Web of Lies" Reimerthi Leppänen
279 "Nosferatu's Revenge" Reimerthi Ordon
280 "Floating Borders" Reimerthi Leppänen
281 "The Flooded City" Reimerthi Ordon
282 "Showdown at Paradise Hotel" Reimerthi Ordon
  • Claes Reimerthi and Michael Tierres are the same writer – Tierres was Reimerthi's pen-name until 1993.
  • The over 350 pages long story "The Heart of Darkness", published under the header Phantom Legends and spanning over 50 episodes, from 1994 to 1996 and 2009 is not included above.

Daily stories

# Title Writer Artist Start End
1 "The Halloween Kidnappers" Reimerthi Olesen/Williams 21 Oct 1999 15 Jan 2000
2 "The Strange Robber" Reimerthi Olesen/Williams 8 May 2000 5 Aug 2000
3 "The Connoisseurs" Reimerthi Olesen/Williams 1 Sep 2003 27 Dec 2003

Sunday stories

# Title Writer Artist Start End
1 "The Shipwreckers" Avenell, Reimerthi Olesen, Fredericks 2 Jan 2000 30 Jul 2000
2 "Woduro's Secret" Reimerthi Nolan 6 Aug 2000 4 Mar 2001
3 "The Lion's Head Tamarine" Reimerthi Nolan 11 Mar 2001 7 Oct 2001
4 "The War Mongers" Reimerthi Nolan 14 Oct 2001 7 Apr 2002
5 "The Briefcase" Reimerthi Nolan 14 Apr 2002 29 Sep 2002
6 "The Snake Goddess's Island" Reimerthi Nolan 6 Oct 2002 30 Mar 2003