The 31st Phantom

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The 31st Phantom
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The 31st Phantom is one of the Phantoms. As the current Phantom generally is considered the 21st, the 31st Phantom is a futuristic character.

Fictional Character Biography

According to Team Fantomen

The first three issues of the Swedish Fantomen Krönika featured short stories starring the 31st Phantom, by Ulf Granberg and Hans Lindahl.

The 31st Phantom is notable for having a high-tech right hand, after having lost his proper hand in a battle with "the Patrol", apparently a future version of the Jungle Patrol that had evolved into a crime organization. In the stories of the 31st Phantom it is also stated that the 21st Phantom was the last to live in the Skull Cave. The 31st Phantom is assisted by G'ran – future chief of the Bandar and a descendant of Guran.

In his third and last appearance, the 31st Phantom is trapped in a Patrol ambush. As he is shot in the chest, it turns black, and the reader learns that it all was a dream of the 21st Phantom.


Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Set in Comments
"The Arrival" Granberg Lindahl ??
"The Contact" Granberg Lindahl ??
"The Attack" Granberg Lindahl ??

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