The 18th Phantom

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The 18th Phantom
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The 18th Phantom is one of the Phantoms.

Fictional Character Biography

According to Team Fantomen

The 18th Phantom married Lara Collins, daughter of a professor at Oxford. Ken, of the Dynasty (edited version)

He was killed by Albig Singh in 1908. U-118

According to Lee Falk

In some stories, the 18th Phantom is said to have rescued his future wife (or perhaps wife) from the Rope People[citation needed], other stories attribute that to the 17th Phantom.

According to Moonstone

Notable Appearances

Daily/Sunday stories

Title Writer Artist Set in Comments
"Mystery of Kula-Ku" Falk Barry ?? mentioned
"The Immortal Man" DePaul Olesen, Williams 1899 Brief mentioning of an encounter with the mafia family Fortunato

Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Set in Comments
"Gandor's Revenge" Worker Vallvé ???? mentioned, destroyed the Gandor Sect
"Poker with a Ghost" Worker Eralp ???? mentioned as defeating Rashid Singh of the Singh brotherhood
"The Runestone Saga" Pellerin Boix 1879 mentioned as "Little Kit"
"The Governor and Scarface" Reimerthi Leppänen 1880  
"Death in the East End, Part 1: The College Ghost" Tierres Bess 1885  
"Death in the East End, Part 2" Tierres Bess 1885  
"Death in the East End, Part 3: Castle in the Sea" Tierres Lindahl 1885  
"Mystery of the Golden Rune, Part 1: Pirates of the Arctic" Worker Leppänen 1888  
"The Ghostly Ruins" Reimerthi Leppänen 1889  
"Of the Same Blood" Bishop Spadari 1889  
"Son of the Pirate Queen, Part 1: The Skull Necklace" Bishop Spadari November 1889  
"Son of the Pirate Queen, Part 2: The Royal Target" Bishop Boix december 1889  
"Son of the Pirate Queen, Part 3: The Goddess of Death" Bishop Spadari december 1889 written by the 18th in January 1890
"The Moriarty Experiment" Bishop Spadari 1890 The story is retold by the 18th after the Underground Murders, but mainly takes place before
"The London Underground Murders, Part 1: Cutbush" Bishop Spadari 1891  
"The London Underground Murders, Part 2: Maniac at Large" Bishop Spadari 1891  
"Sins of the Past, Part 1" Bishop Spadari 1892  
"Sins of the Past, Part 2" Bishop Spadari 1892  
"The Coffin" Pellerin Bade Summer 1892 Visits San Francisco before travelling to Chicago
"The Wizard's House" Longstreet Giordano 1892 The Phantom arrives in New Orleans after a visit to Chicago
"Black Dagger, Part 1: The Rag Doll" Reimerthi Leppänen 1892 Set in London in autumn 1892
"Black Dagger, Part 2: The Curse of Black Annis" Reimerthi Leppänen 1892  
"Cloak of Darkness" Reimerthi Bade 1893  
"The Karabasan League" Madden Boix 1895 Set in Constantinople
"The Ladykiller" Kharelli Westad 1897 Takes place in London in June 1897
"Island of the Eternal Mist" Worker Vallvé 189?  
"The Last Shogun" Bull Maidagan 1898 A brief note, he freed the Japanese island Ataka of pirates and became a samurai. Originally attributed
to the 17th Phantom, though changed to the 18th because of the date.[citation needed]
"Lord of the Jungle" Reimerthi, Johnsen Bade 1899  
"The Storm" Worker Bess 1899 Brief mention that he saved people from a shipwreck after a storm
"The Man Who Never Slept" Goodall Cruz 1900  
"The Mark of Death" Tierres Vallvé 1900  
"The Dark Secret" DePaul Spadari 190?  
"The King of Norway" Nordberg Lindahl fall 1905  
"Convent Island" Bishop Spadari 1907  

Fratelli Spada stories

Title Writer Artist Set in Comments
"Ken, of the Dynasty" unknown Cambiotti, Casabianca 18?? Only attributed to the 18th Phantom within Team Fantomen lore. Originally the story is about the 19th Phantom.

Gold Key/King/Charlton stories

Moonstone stories

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RGE stories

Title Writer Artist Set in Comments
"The Merchants of Evil" Menezes RGE team unknown

Frew stories

Title Writer Artist Set in Comments
"The Singh Raiders" Eriksson Rodriguez 1875

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