SCCal23.png Yet another year with Covid-19 has left the Scandinavian Chapter without our usual sources of income. No meetings and no fairs equals zero income for us.

So if you are a Phan of the Phantom and like the service we provide to you and fellow Phans, through this PhantomWiki we therefore, ask you to donate to the cost of running it.
Due to the massive amount of pictures in here, the web storage costs us 5 000 SEK per year.

But, we don't like to just ask for your money, we would like to offer a printable custom Fantomen wall calender, with all that you would expect from an calender, including the dates your Fantomen magazine will land in your postbox or the nearest store.

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The current project is to add information and images to Minerva Brooks.

Add more information about the archaeologist and a director of the Morristown Ethnographical Museum!

Post your suggestions for upcoming projects here!


The Demon God of Wasaka was an idol worshipped by the Wasaka tribe in Bangalla. The look of the idol was the basis of the first Phantom costume.