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Fernando Blanco (1971- ) is an European comics artist.


Fernando Blanco was born in Spain in 1971.

His first drawings were done for the comic fanzine "451°"in the nineties. Associated to Jesus Saiz, he worked with the editors Camaleon ("El Fabricante") and Planeta ("Pin Ups").

His first works for American editors were for Dark Horse Comics and he drew two Phantom stories in 2002 for Moonstone, before to drawn on the series "Werewolf".

In 2003, he worked for the French editor Semic France on the series "Strangers". For DC Comics, he inked several titles ("Manhunter","Checkmate","Fallen Angels"). Since 2007, he illustrated "Army of Darkness" for Dynamite Comics and collaborated on "Thunderbolts" for Marvel Comics.

Phantom work by Fernando Blanco


Moonstone stories

# Title Writer Artist
1 "The Ghost Killer" Ben Raab Blanco
2 "The Singh Web" Ben Raab Blanco