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The 23rd Phantom
Active years (Team Fantomen):
Active in 2050
Active years (Lee Falk):
Active years (Moonstone):
Active years (Bastei):
Active years (Other producers):
Phantom 2040: Early 2000's to 2040

The 23rd Phantom is one of the Phantoms. As the current Phantom generally is considered the 21th, the 23rd Phantom is a futuristic character.

Fictional Character Biography

According to Team Fantomen

The the 23rd Phantom is the grandson of the 21st Phantom. In the year 2050, he encountered Dogai Singh who had been cryogenically frozen. The Phantom vs Singh 2050

According to Phantom 2040

The 23rd Phantom collapses after waking up from a 16 year long frozen hibernation.

The 23rd Phantom was active in the year 2020. The Magician He lost his wife at a very early stage and then raised his son on his own. He tried to clean up widespread pollution in Metropia (once known as New York City) by using a very special plant, native to Bangalla, known as ghostwood. The 23rd Phantom disappeared around the year 2024, when his son was two years old, and for years no one knew what had happened to him. Maxwell Madison, Sr. died around the same tim.

Finally, his son Kit found the 23rd Phantom and discovered that he was still alive after having frozen himself. He was poisoned from the very pollution he'd been trying to cure, however, so he soon fell in a coma before his son found him.

He and Maxwell Madison, Sr. had tried to clean the city together, but they had been betrayed by Madison's wife, Rebecca Madison. She killed her husband and the 23rd Phantom via poisonous gas, though later revived her husband by using his memories. Through the same technology, the 23rd's son managed to transfer his memories to a computer just before he died.

According to Dynamite Entertainment

The 22nd Phantom was not of the Walker line and had been searching for the true heir to the Phantom legacy, but he died during the attempted invasion of Earth by Ming the Merciless. He was succeeded by Lothar who would continue the search for the Phantom heir. Kings Watch Pt 5

Mandrake the Magician discovered that the the true heir to the Phantom line was Jen Harris, a reporter and friend of Flash Gordon's girlfriend Dale Arden. King: The Phantom Part Pt 2 Under Lothar's guidance she took up the role of The Phantom wearing an alternate version of the Phantom costume complete with hoodie. King: The Phantom Part Pt 3 Jen, Lothar and Guran of the Bandar tribe continued to work together as the 23rd Phantom. King: The Phantom Part Pt 4


Daily/Sunday stories

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"The Animal Collector" DePaul Olesen, Williams in the prediction of the future mentioned only as the future Phantom
"Farewell to the Deep Woods" DePaul Manley in the prediction of the future in flashback only as imagined little baby as the future Phantom

Team Fantomen stories

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"The Phantom vs Singh 2050" Reimerthi Lindahl 2050

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"Vision Quest" Quinones Ditko, Reinhold 2040

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