Eugenio Benni

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Eugenio Benni
Biographical information
Born: January, 1939
Died: May 2, 2009
Nationality: Mini italy.gif Italian
Occupation: Artist
Website: N/A

Eugenio Benni (also known by the pen-name Anthony Benny) was an artist who assisted Felmang with inking of stories for Team Fantomen.


Eugenio Benni was born in France to a French-German father and Italian mother. At the age of five, he moved with his family to Italy.[1]

Among other comics Benni has worked on, are "Blek", "Miki" and his own creations "Angelica", and "Zodiaca" (published in the Italian magazine Lanciostory).

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Phantom work by Eugenio Benni


Team Fantomen

# Title Writer Artist
1 "Jungle Snow" Tierres Felmang, Ferri, Benny
2 "Evil Schemes" Tierres Felmang, Benny
3 "The Missing Link" Tierres Felmang, Benny
4 "The Revenge of Dogai Singh" Worker Felmang, Benny
5 "The Triads, Part 1: Deadly Cargo" Reimerthi Felmang, Benny
6 "The Triads, Part 5: At the End of the Road" Reimerthi Felmang, Benny
7 "The Wreck in Bengali Bay" Avenell Felmang, Ferri, Benny
8 "The Wedding Gifts" Avenell Felmang, Ferri, Benny
9 "The Suicide Mission" DePaul Felmang, Benny
10 "Blood Brothers" Moberg Felmang, Ferri, Benny
11 "The Royal Murder Plot, Part 1: The Fatal Letters" Worker Felmang, Benny
12 "The Pugilist" Reimerthi Felmang, Benny
13 "The False Tsar" Ikonen, Hansegård Felmang, Benny
14 "The Skull Cave Mystery" Avenell Felmang, Benny
15 "Bastis the Cat Goddess" Reimerthi Felmang, Benny
16 "King Fatso" Moberg Felmang, Benny
17 "Marabella" Reimerthi Felmang, Benny
18 "Lily Palmer's Secret" Årnes Felmang, Benny
19 "The Assassination of Prince William" Årnes Felmang, Benny
20 "The Curse of Rakshasa" Ikonen, Hansegård, McLaughlin Felmang, Benny
21 "The Black Phantom" Worker Felmang, Benny
22 "Revenge of Lubanga, Part 1: The Double" DePaul Felmang, Benny
23 "The Black Queen" Longstreet Felmang, Benny
24 "Diana's Crisis, Part 1: The Mysterious Wreck" Seter Felmang, Benny