The 16th Phantom

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The 16th Phantom
Active years (Team Fantomen):
Active years (Lee Falk):
mid 19th century
Active years (Moonstone):
might have been active around 1835-1840
Active years (Bastei):
Active years (Other producers):

The 16th Phantom is one of the Phantoms.

Fictional Character Biography

According to Team Fantomen

The 16th Phantom was born in 1831.

In his youth he studied in London Gold Fever, Part 1

He was only 16 years old when he swore the Oath of the Skull in 1848.

His mother was Juliet Adams.

His mother is said to have been of both English and Italian descent The Child Farm

In August 1852, his wife Asta Jensen gave birth to twins; Kip and Julie.

According to the newspaper strip

When Morgan, a rich American accidentally kills the prince of Llongo, the 16th Phantom follows him back to the US to have him put to trial. After spending quite some time there, becoming known as "The Phantom Cowboy", he eventually manages to bring Morgan back to Bangalla where the Council of Chieds frees him from all accusations. Meanwhile, the Phantom has met and fallen in love with Morgan's daughter Annie, and after receiving her father's blessing they marry twice – once in her father's hometown, and once in the Skull Cave. The Phantom Cowboy

Annie and the 16th Phantom had twins, a boy and a girl, The Phantom Cowboy presumably (although never actually stated) the future 17th Phantom and Julie, in other stories said to be the children of the 17th Phantom. The Female Phantom The Delta Pirates

The 16th Phantom rescued a lost treasure originally of the Inca of Peru from thieves and brought it to the Skull Cave. The Scoundrel

According to Moonstone

The 16th Phantom spent time in the American Wild West, and had an encounter with the Singh Brotherhood that might have taken place around 1835-1840.

Notable Appearances

Daily/Sunday stories

Title Writer Artist Set in Comments
"Return of the Thuggees" Falk Barry 1840
"The Phantom Cowboy" Falk Barry, Olesen, Williams 1843  
"The Scoundrel" DePaul Ryan 1844 or later  
"The Visitor" DePaul Weigel 1854
"The Aeronaut" DePaul Ryan 1864  
"The Spy Ship" DePaul Weigel 186? during the American Civil War
"The Iceman" DePaul Beatty N/A mentioned

Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Set in Comments
"The Child Farm" Darell Vallvé 1845 Took place before he swore the oath.
"Gold Fever, Part 1" Tierres Vallvé 1848  
"Gold Fever, Part 2" Tierres Vallvé 1849  
"The Street Predators" Carlsson Spay 1849  
"The Baltimore Mystery" DePaul Spadari 1849  
"Black Ivory" Gauraz Bess 1850  
"The Moment of Freedom" Gauraz Bess 1850  
"The Thirsty Goddess" Jönsson Cruz 18??  
"The Floating Coffin" Worker Leppänen 1851  
"Public Enemy Number One" Reimerthi Leppänen 1851 Visits London for his honeymoon
"The Brotherhood of the Ring" Reimerthi Bade 1851  
"Trapped in the Pack Ice" DePaul Boix 1853  
"Pirates Ahoy" Worker Lindahl 18??  
"The Pirate Queen" Bishop Spadari 1856, 1860, 186?  
"The Murderer" Vallvé, Granberg Vallvé 1858 Takes place in India in the summer of 1858
"The Elephant Sect" Reimerthi Wilhelmsson, Eralp 1858 Takes place after returning home from India
"Nat Turner's Spirit, Part 1" Reimerthi Leppänen 1860  
"Nat Turner's Spirit, Part 2" Reimerthi Leppänen 1860  
"Nat Turner's Spirit, Part 3" Reimerthi Leppänen 1860  
"Nat Turner's Spirit, Part 4: A Diabolical Plan" Reimerthi Leppänen 1860  
"Nat Turner's Spirit, Part 5: Revolt" Reimerthi Leppänen 1860  
"Nat Turner's Spirit, Part 6: The King of Louisiana" Reimerthi Leppänen 1860  
"Thor's Hammer" DePaul Spadari 1861  
"The Secret Weapon" Frognes Leppänen 1862  
"The Freedom Trail" Goodall Felmang 1864  
"The Assassination of President Lincoln" DePaul Spadari 1865  
"The Freedom Ship" DePaul Felmang 1865  
"The Elixir of Life" Longstreet Giordano 1866  
"Treasure of the Aztecs" Vallvé, Granberg Vallvé 1866  
"The Crystal Skull" Goodall Casanovas 1866  
"The Assassin" Worker Olesen 1867  
"Stolen Rings" Reimerthi Müller, Spay 1867  
"The Temple of Seven Dolls" Longstreet Spadari 1868  
"The Slave's Railway" Worker Lindahl 1868  
"The Island of Death" DePaul Spadari 186?  

Moonstone stories

Title Writer Artist Set in Comments
"Five Days of the Dragon Chapter 3" Dixon Nolan 18??  
"Stranger from Walker's Table" Murray Procopio 18?? It is a prose story, illustrations is provided by Procopio
"Ghost Drum" Shaps Collins 18??

Other stories

Title Writer Artist Set in Comments
"White Nile - Red Chains" Ford Ford 1866  

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