Dai Darell

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Dai Darell
Biographical information
Born: October 5, 1952
Died: N/A
Nationality: Mini sweden.gif Swedish
Mini usa.gif American
Occupation: Writer
Website: Saga Borg
Winner.jpg Best Story (Sweden) Winner.jpg

1983: "The Water of Life"

Dai Darell was the pseudonym used by Diane Alfredhsson when she wrote comic scripts.


Darell was born in Rockford, Illinois, USA in 1952 but as she spent much of her youth in Sweden aswell she considers herself equally Swedish and American.

At age 16, while living in Sweden, a short story she had written was published and after that she pursued a career as a writer. Since she had been a fan of the Phantom in her youth, she contacted the editor of the Fantomen comic book and began submitting scripts in 1983. Her first Phantom story was published that year, and in total she wrote 16 Phantom stories until 1986. Several of these were fan favourites and she won the Best Story vote in Sweden in 1983. Her stories often dealt with the emotional side of the Phantom, with one story even showing him with tears in his eyes.

Besides the Phantom, Diane has written scripts for comics such as "The Gauntlet of Fate", "Goliat", "Tom & Jerry", and many comics about romance and horses.

In later years, she has had a successfull career as a writer of fantasy books under the pseudonyms Saga Borg and Teo Troy.

In 2003, Diane moved to Canada and after getting married her name is now Diane Karlstrom.

Phantom work by Dai Darell


Team Fantomen stories

# Title Writer Artist
1 "The White Slave Trade" Darell Leppänen
2 "The Child Farm" Darell Vallvé ¤
3 "The Water of Life" Sweden - 1983 Darell, Ewers Lindahl
4 "Hero's Death Sentence" Darell Leppänen
5 "The Devil's Smoke" Darell Bess
6 "The Floating Island" Darell Lindahl
7 "The Dagger" Darell Vallvé ¤
8 "Commando 11" Darell Bess
9 "The Curse" Darell Eralp ¤
10 "The Snake Ring" Darell Leppänen
11 "The Valley of Death" Darell Bade ¤
12 "The Tiger God" Darell Vallvé ¤
13 "The White Horseman" Darell Lindahl
14 "Children of the Fog" Darell Bess
15 "Secret of the Coin" Darell Vallvé ¤
16 "Quabar's Secret" Darell Eralp
17 "The Pit of Doom" Karlstrom, Carling Ruiz, Martínez ¤
18 Karlstrom, Carling Ruiz, Martínez ¤