Joan Boix

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Joan Boix
Biographical information
Born: June 24, 1945
Died: N/A
Nationality: Mini spain.gif Spanish
Occupation: Artist, Cover artist, and Writer
Website: Joan Boix (official blog)

Joan Boix Solà-Segalés, Spanish artist born June 24, 1945.


Boix was the artist who drew "The Heart of Darkness" 1994-1996. He has also been a regular Team Fantomen artist ever since.

He has also produced covers, sometimes in cooperation with his son Iván Boix.

Since 2019 he creates Frew stories.

Since 2022 he also writes scripts.

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Phantom work by Joan Boix


Team Fantomen stories

# Title Writer Artist
1 "The Devil's Library, Part 1" Reimerthi Boix
2 "The Devil's Library, Part 2: The Devil in Disguise" Reimerthi Boix
3 "The Devil's Library, Part 3: The Hellhound" Reimerthi Boix
4 "The Golden Fleece, Part 1: Argo" Reimerthi Boix
5 "The Golden Fleece, Part 2: The Grave of Tiberius" Reimerthi Boix
6 "The Golden Fleece, Part 3: Medea's Revenge" Reimerthi Boix
7 "The Golden Fleece, Part 4" Reimerthi Boix
8 "The Gold Robbers" Goodall Boix
9 "The Hollywood Murders" DePaul Boix
10 "Death in Central Park" DePaul Boix
11 "Blind Justice" Goodall Boix
12 "The Well of Time" Longstreet Boix
13 "Mystery of the Crypt" Reimerthi Boix
14 "The Montbar Treasure" Reimerthi Boix
15 "The Temple" Raab Boix
16 "The Castle of Darkness" Reimerthi Boix
17 "The Monument" DePaul Boix
18 "The Spear of Destiny, Part 1" Raab Boix
19 "The Spear of Destiny, Part 2" Raab Boix
20 "The Zombie Maker" Frognes Boix
21 "The Spear of Destiny, Part 3" Raab Boix
22 "The Spear of Destiny, Part 4" Raab Boix
23 "Durham's Curse" Reimerthi Boix
24 "Night of the Pirates" Reimerthi Boix
25 "The Ghost House" Reimerthi Boix
26 "The Witch Hunt" Reimerthi Boix
27 "The New Pupil" Reimerthi Boix
28 "The Mask of Gaguwara" Reimerthi Boix
29 "The Cruel Revenge" Reimerthi Boix
30 "The Hood" Reimerthi Boix
31 "Annihilate All Singh" Reimerthi Boix
32 "Son of the Pirate Queen, Part 2: The Royal Target" Bishop Boix
33 "Return of the Commander, Part 1" Reimerthi Boix
34 "Return of the Commander, Part 2" Reimerthi Boix
35 "The Great Deception, Part 1" Reimerthi Boix
36 "Guran Disappears" DePaul Boix
37 "The Mystery at Pendragon House" Reimerthi Boix
38 "Pirates Ahead, Part 1" DePaul Boix
39 "The Plutonium Wreck" DePaul Boix
40 "Encounter With Murder" Reimerthi Boix
41 "Trapped in the Pack Ice" DePaul Boix
42 "Bigfoot" Pellerin Boix
43 "The Runestone Saga" Pellerin Boix
44 "Rodia - Night" Reimerthi Boix
45 "Rodia - Dawn" Reimerthi Boix
46 "Epilogue" Reimerthi Boix
47 "Blood Red Sea" Reimerthi Boix
48 "Mystery of the Ivy Crown" Siverbo Boix
49 "The Karabasan League" Madden Boix
50 "Shadows over Spyglass" Reimerthi Boix
51 "Blood Rain" Eriksson Velluto, Bade, Saviuk,
Boix, Leppänen,
Pedrazzini, Spadari, Ruiz
52 "The Angel of Retribution" Reimerthi Boix
53 "The Prisoner of the Golden Cage" Reimerthi Boix, Ruiz, Martínez
54 "The Totem of Evil" Boix Boix
55 "The Heir of Frankenstein" Boix Boix
56 Boix Boix
  • Joan Boix was also the artist who draw the more than 350 pages long story "The Heart of Darkness" with script by Claes Reimerthi, published under the header Phantom Legends and spanning 50 episodes, from 1994 to 1996 and 2009.

Frew stories

# Title Writer Artist
1 "Evil Lurks in the Night" Andersson Boix
2 "Nest of the Undead" Andersson Boix


Fantomen covers

Frew covers