Pidde Andersson

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Pidde Andersson
Biographical information
Born: 1968
Died: N/A
Nationality: Mini sweden.gif Swedish
Occupation: Writer
Website: Toppraffel

Petter "Pidde" Andersson is a writer.


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Phantom work by Pidde Andersson


Frew stories

# Title Writer Artist
1 "Shangri-La" Andersson Todaro
2 "Jungle Love" Andersson Foley
3 "Requiem" Andersson Cavalcanti
4 "Evil Lurks in the Night" Andersson Boix
5 "Inked in Blood, Part 1" Andersson Paulos
6 "Inked in Blood, Part 2" Andersson Paulos
7 "The Outlaws" Andersson Dantas
8 "Saga of the Vultures Chapter One: The Haunted Castle" Andersson Spay
9 "Saga of the Vultures Chapter Two: The First Vulture" Andersson Spay
10 "Saga of the Vultures Chapter Three: The Sinister Baron" Andersson Spay
11 "Nest of the Undead" Andersson Boix
12 "The Phantom Goes to Hell" Andersson Ochoa
13 "On the Roofs of Paris" Andersson Ochoa
14 "Beneath the Streets of Paris" Andersson Ochoa
15 "Balloon for the Moon" Andersson Ochoa
16 "Murder at Maxim's" Andersson Ochoa
17 "The Gargoyle of Notre Dame" Andersson Ochoa
18 "Pirates of the Abbey" Andersson Caracuzzo
19 "Jane Saves the President" Andersson Ochoa
20 "The Kiss of the Devil, Part 1" Andersson Caracuzzo
21 "The Kiss of the Devil, Part 2" Andersson Caracuzzo
22 "Royal Hero" Andersson Foley
23 "The Bat of Berlin, Part 1" Andersson Ordon
24 "The Bat of Berlin, Part 2" Andersson Ordon