The Little People

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The Little People
First appearance: "The Rattle"
Created by: Lee Falk & Wilson McCoy

The Little People is the name given to members an alien race that crash landed on Earth long ago, and who since then have lived in Bangalla.

Fictional History

According to the stories, the Little People used to steal from the big people, stampede their animals and put fire to their huts. The Phantom located 'the Little People', defeated them, captured their Prince and subsequently signed the Treaty of the Rattle. According to the treaty the Little People promised never to steal from the big people or trouble them. Each year on the ninth moon they bring a rattle to the Skull Throne as a symbol of the treaty The Rattle.

Most likely it was the 8th Phantom who first met 'the Little People' and signed the treaty. The treaty signed on May 12, 1718 was termed as ‘Mutual Assistance Pact between the People of the Ship and the giant Phantom also called the Ghost Who Walks’ The Little Ones. Prince Vlad is the leader of the Little People The Little Ones though Prince Dall has also been mentioned Kit and the Little People.

The traditional home of the Little People was across The Lava River under the Flying Eagle Rock The Rattle but it was destroyed by the eruption of the volcano and the Phantom relocated them on the Isle of Eden. Prince Vlad has told the Phantom how their ancestors’ spaceship was hit by a meteoroid and they crash landed on earth 20 thousand years ago. Vlad also explained that the black box in the possession of the Little People is a beacon which continues to send signals into the deep space hoping that sometime the message will be received by their people Exodus of the Little People.

According to Old man Mozz, the Phantom’s trained falcon Fraka was given to him by the Little People Rex and the Little People Kit and the Little People.


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Daily/Sunday stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Rattle" Falk McCoy
"The Little Ones" Falk Barry
"The Missing Link" Falk Barry
"Rex and the Little People" Falk Barry
"Kit and the Little People" Falk Barry
"Exodus of the Little People" Falk Barry
"King Bongong" Falk Barry
"Blackie" Falk Barry
"Buried Treasure" Falk Olesen, Williams mentioned, during "daddy's father's" time
"Drama on Eden" Falk Olesen, Williams and Fredericks
"Waterman" Falk Olesen, Fredericks

Gold Key stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Rattle" Falk, Harris Lignante

Team Fantomen stories

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Title Writer Artist Comments
"Race Against Death" Granberg Lindahl
"The Doomsday Mountain" Moberg Leppänen