The 5th Phantom

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The 5th Phantom
Active years (Team Fantomen):
Active years (Lee Falk):
Active during the 18th Century
Active years (Moonstone):
Active years (Bastei):
Active years (Other producers):

The 5th Phantom is one of the Phantoms.

Fictional Character Biography

According to Team Fantomen

He was born in 1626. His mother died when giving birth to him Plague Infected. He presumably went to Woolstone Convent School in England like his father The Forest of Horrors and grandfather The Pirates Prisoner.

He married an Italian opera singer Captain Amazon - Pirate Queen (edited version) in 1646 and the same year, their son, the 6th Phantom, was born.

As a sign of gratitude for loyal service of the English King, Charles I, he was made Lord Walker of Hathersage. The Long Bow of Little John

He had a cormorant named Loki and founded the Jungle Olympics. The Strength of Ten Tigers

In 1656, a woman that the 5th Phantom referred to as his mother died in the Skull Cave. The same year, his beloved Juliana della Bartolo (who was not his wife or the mother of his son), died of the plague. The Black King

He was mortally wounded in 1662, when he challenged the pirate called Black Glove at a duel and got a heavy barrel over himself. A pirate that had turned to his side brought him back to the Skull Cave where he died after having written down the story. Luckily though, he had already written to his son and asked him to come back to Bengali since he had a bad feeling of the outcome of the duel, so his son could quite soon arrive and assume the duty as the 6th Phantom. Black Glove, Part 1

According to the Newspaper strip

The 5th Phantom was active during the 18th century, often wearing a cape and hat over his Phantom garb; he met and eventually married former pirate Juliet Adams Walker, who was known as Captain Amazon. Captain Amazon - Pirate Queen

He met Juan Muerto a second time in 1652 (conflicting with the date of the earlier story, which is placed in the 18th century), seven years after the destruction of the Saba Island pirate fortress, when his son was very young. He fought Muerto's pirates and ended up their prisoner.

Weeks later, his wife Juliet Adams Walker learned of his mission from the Phantom Chronicles in the Skull Cave. Knowing of Muerto from her time as a pirate, Juliet decided to go after her husband. Death Stalks the 5th Phantom

According to Moonstone

According to Bastei

The 5th Phantom was born in 1643, succeeded his father in 1671 and died in 1701.

Notable Appearances

Daily/Sunday stories

Title Writer Artist Set in Comments
"Captain Amazon - Pirate Queen" Falk Barry 18th century / 250 years ago / Almost 3 centuries ago changed to be about the 15th Phantom in Team Fantomen lore
"Return of the Thuggees" Falk Barry 1650  
"The Secret City" DePaul Olesen, Williams 1661  
"Death Stalks the 5th Phantom" DePaul Beatty 1652; but also mentioned as seven years after events in "Captain Amazon - Pirate Queen" At one point his face is seen clearly with no cowl, but still covered by his half-mask.
"The Visitor" DePaul Weigel 165? during the boyhood of the future 6th Phantom

Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Set in Comments
"The Long Bow of Little John" Bishop Ryan 1646  
"Hooded Justice, Part 1" Bishop Velluto 1646  
"Hooded Justice, Part 2" Bishop Spadari 1646  
"The Curse of Djudju" DePaul Felmang, Ferri 1649  
"The Star of Sekhmet" Ikonen, Hansegård, McLaughlin Felmang, Morrik January 1650  
"The Demon of Wasaka" Worker Spadari 1650  
"A Web of Lies" Reimerthi Leppänen 1651  
"The Black King" Hansegård Leppänen 1656  
"Death in Belgium" Avenell Mitton 1656  
"My Swedish Enemy" Lundström Leppänen 1656 The 6th Phantom is mentioned as "soon 12 years old" which is inconsistent with other Team Fantomen stories where his birth year is 1646
"The Sword of Atan Singh" Jönsson Spadari 16??  
"The Jungle Sayings: The Strength of Ten Tigers" Worker Vallvé 1660  
"Black Glove, Part 1" Tierres Westad 1662  
"Black Glove, Part 2" Tierres Westad, Sydsæter 1662 shown as corpse only

Bastei stories

Title Writer Artist Set in Comments
"In the Swamp of Perdition" Mennigen unknown 16??
"The Volcano of the Death Goddess" Mennigen unknown 1651 mentioned only; according to this story the parents of the 5th Phantom met in 1651 which contradicts the regular Bastei timeline where the 5th is born in 1643
"Danger for Bangalla" Mennigen unknown 1698

Moonstone stories

Title Writer Artist Set in Comments
"Sherwood Jungle" Gately Alcatena ??

RGE stories

Title Writer Artist Set in Comments
"The Robbers of Trizak" Menezes Shimamoto 1???

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