Heiner Bade

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Heiner Bade
Biographical information
Born: 1949
Died: N/A
Nationality: Mini germany.gif German
Occupation: Artist, Writer, and Cover artist
Website: N/A
Winner.jpg Best Story (Sweden) Winner.jpg

1982: "The Stone Carving People"
2010: "The Dragon Throne"
2018: "The Ghost at Gallows' Inn"
Winner.jpg Best Story (Norway) Winner.jpg
1995: "The Demon's Image"
2008: "The Devil of Ravenscar"
Winner.jpg Best Fantomet cover Winner.jpg

Heiner Bade (also erroneously credited as Heiner Baade and Helmer Bade) is a German comics creator born in Hamburg, Germany, in 1949[1].


At the age of 17 Bade became a student at the Hamburg college of fine arts. After three and a half years of studies, that included anatomy and graphic arts, his first employment was to draw advertising. The next couple of years he had various odd jobs, including working as a sketch artist for the police.[2].

In the 1970's, Bade came to Sweden and worked as an illustrator and comics artist. In 1973 he made the comic Robert Starke for the Swedish magazine Veckans Brott. The next year he submitted a comic to the magazine Serie-Magasinet for its consideration and in that way he gained the notice of the editors of Fantomen. In 1975 he began to draw "The Phantom" for the Swedish Fantomen comic book, starting with "Grigor's Revenge". In 2015 he celebrated 40 years as an active Phantom artist.[3].

His artistic style has been described as expressive reminiscent of Jaime Vallvé and his trademark is making secondary characters recognizable and conveying their thoughts and feelings.[4].

Phantom work by Heiner Bade


Team Fantomen stories

# Title Writer Artist
1 "Grigor's Revenge" Knutsson Bade ¤
2 "The Double" Granberg Bade ¤
3 "The Blood Gold" Eklund Bade ¤
4 "Hero's Adventure" Bade Bade ¤
5 "Escape from Devil's Island" Bade, Granberg Bade
6 "The Gold Mystery" Lundström Bade ¤
7 "The Jackal" Worker Bade ¤
8 "Ku Klux Klan" Bade, Granberg Bade
9 "Emergency Landing in the South Seas" Eklund, Worker Bade
10 "Llongo's Amulet" Avenell Bade
11 "Plague Warning" Avenell Bade ¤
12 "Prisoner 21" Avenell Bade
13 "The Secret of Sanloi Bay" Worker Bade ¤
14 "The River Mystery" Avenell Bade ¤
15 "The Arsonist" Avenell Bade ¤
16 "The Destroyed Rain Forest" Worker Bade ¤
17 "The Stone Carving People" Avenell Bade
18 "The Hidden Valley" Worker Bade ¤
19 "The Secret of Snake Island" Avenell Bade
20 "The Whispering Statue" Avenell Bade
21 "The Convent Treasure" Avenell Bade ¤
22 "The Valley of Death" Darell Bade ¤
23 "The Wreck in Timpenni Sound" Tierres Bade
24 "Patrolman Mary" Worker Bade ¤
25 "Damballa's Verdict" Worker Bade
26 "The Ghost Pirate" Avenell Bade
27 "The Monster" Avenell Bade
28 "Duel to the Death" Tierres Bade ¤
29 "Jezebel" Tierres Bade ¤
30 "The Mines of Death" Årnes Bade
31 "Ziggor the Horrible" Årnes Bade ¤
32 "The Fight for the Baboons" Årnes Bade ¤
33 "The Uranium Wreck" Årnes Bade
34 "The Drug Terrorists" Årnes Bade ¤
35 "Talking Drums" Schröder Bade ¤
36 "Jungle Adventures: Caesar's Laurel" Årnes Bade ¤
37 "Viyaya's Treasure" Pettersen Bade
38 "The Murder Rap" Moberg Bade
39 "The Demon's Image" DePaul Bade ¤
40 "The Gun Runners" Moberg Bade
41 "Curse of the Singh Brotherhood" Moberg Bade
42 "The Secret of Sasquatch Valley" DePaul Bade
43 "The Disappearance of Prince Rex" Avenell Bade
44 "The Secret of the Well" Avenell Bade
45 "The Ghost Train" DePaul Bade ¤
46 "The Phantom from the Bronx" Årnes Bade
47 "The Betrayal" Reimerthi Bade
48 "The Return of Goldhand" DePaul Bade
49 "Lord of the Jungle" Reimerthi, Johnsen Bade
50 "The Voodoo Menace" Reimerthi Bade
51 "Messenger of Evil" DePaul Bade
52 "St Lucifer of the Darkness" Reimerthi Bade
53 "Fight Evil, Part 1" Reimerthi Bade
54 "The Witchdoctor's Secret" Frognes Bade
55 "Treasure of St Lucifer" Reimerthi Bade
56 "The Clock Maker" DePaul Bade
57 "The Mute Avenger" Hedman Bade
58 "The Apprentice" Raab Bade
59 "The Racist Cult" Reimerthi Bade
60 "Grigor's Casino" Knutsson Bade
61 "The Loch Ness Monster" Reimerthi Bade
62 "The Devil's Kiss" Bishop Bade
63 "Dark Justice" Reimerthi Bade
64 "The White Elephant" Reimerthi Bade
65 "The Devil of Ravenscar" Reimerthi Bade
66 "The Gandor Sect" Reimerthi Bade
67 "Wipe out Bengete" Reimerthi Bade
68 "Lord of the Hyenas" Reimerthi Bade
69 "The Dragon Throne" Hansegård Bade
70 "Cloak of Darkness" Reimerthi Bade
71 "In the Shadow of the Guillotine" Reimerthi Bade
72 "Power of the Skull Mark" Reimerthi Bade
73 "Fatal Salvation" Reimerthi Bade
74 "Burnt Offering" Reimerthi Bade
75 "The Resurrection Man" Reimerthi Bade
76 "The Coffin" Pellerin Bade
77 "The Brotherhood of the Ring" Reimerthi Bade
78 "Invisible Eyes" Reimerthi Bade
79 "Medusa's Keeper" Madden Bade
80 "Cyclops" Madden Bade
81 "The Usurer" Rassy Bade
82 "The Bourbon Tax" Hansegård Bade
83 "The Skull Gang" Reimerthi Bade
84 "Singh War, Part 2: Rodiagate" Reimerthi Bade
85 "Predator's Road" Reimerthi Bade
86 "Frisco Frenzy" Rassy Bade
87 "The Ghost of Thanatos" Reimerthi Bade
88 "The Ghost at Gallows' Inn" Reimerthi Bade
89 "Blood Rain" Eriksson Velluto, Bade, Saviuk,
Boix, Leppänen,
Pedrazzini, Spadari, Ruiz
90 "The Man in the Shadows" Reimerthi Bade ¤
91 "Dark Smoke over Bengali" Frenz Bade ¤