The 27th Phantom

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The 27th Phantom
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Defenders of the Earth: Active in 2015

The 27th Phantom is one of the Phantoms. As the current Phantom generally is considered the 21st, the 27th Phantom is a futuristic character. He has only appeared in Defenders of the Earth.

Fictional Character Biography

According to Defenders of the Earth

The 27th Phantom is the legendary "Ghost Who Walks", and his true name is Kit Walker. This version of the Phantom is different from how he is portrayed in the comics. By chanting "By jungle law, the ghost who walks calls forth the power of ten tigers" he is temporarily given superhuman strength. In the TV show his horse Hero and his wolf Devil also make brief appearances, which could be offsprings of the original Hero an Devil or named after them.

He also has an evil older brother named Kurt Walker. The tradition is also that the oldest son should inherit the mantle of being the Phantom, though Kurt proved himself unworthy and the 26th Phantom therefore gave the title to his younger son Kit.

He has a daughter named Jedda Walker who displays telepathic and limited psychic powers. She has a pet black panther named Kisa. Some episodes imply a romantic relationship between her and Rick Gordon, son of Flash Gordon.


He is referred to as the 27th Phantom in the end credits, even though the series is supposely set in 2015, which makes the timeline somewhat difficult to match with other Phantom stories.


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