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First appearance: "The Things"
Created by: Lee Falk & Sy Barry

Koqania is a country.


According to the newspaper strip

The Phantom owns the Castle ruins of Koqania, as an absentee landlord, where he has one of his hide-outs.

According to Team Fantomen

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Behind the Scenes

  • In "The Things", the country is said to be "in the old world" and is first spelled Koquania. It is lated spelled out letter by letter as Koqania and spelled that way since.
  • In "The Name", the country is close enough for the 8th Phantom to ride there from the jungle and meet Heloise, "the Hanta witch". This refers to the story "The Hanta Witch" where the Hanta ruins are located in the jungle (and the name Koqania is never mentioned).
  • In Team Fantomen stories, Koqania has been "split" into two countries: The still independent Carpatia in Eastern Europe, and the ancient Koqania in the jungle.


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Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Set in Comments
"Blood Brothers" Raab Felmang, Germano Ferri, Anthony Benny present The Hanta ruins are located in the jungle, Koqania not mentioned
"The Spear of Destiny, Part 1" Raab Boix 1682

Newspaper stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Hanta Witch" Falk Barry located in the jungle, the name Koqania is not mentioned
"Walker's Table" Falk Barry mentioned, as "in Europe, a hideout in an ancient castle ruins"
"Rex, the Missing Heir" Falk Barry mentioned, as "a hideout in an ancient European ruins"
"The Smugglers" Falk Barry mentioned, as "an ancient castle ruin in Europe"
"The Massacre" Falk Barry mentioned, as "in the old world, in a castle ruins"
"The Things" Falk Barry located in "the old world", first spelled Koquania
"Phantom Treasure" Falk Barry mentioned, as "Koqania castle ruins"
"The Name" Falk Barry located in the jungle
"The Uninvited Visitors" Falk Barry mentioned, as "an ancient castle ruins in remote Koqania"
"The Return of General Bababu" Falk Barry
"The Poachers" Falk Barry mentioned, as "ruins of a castle in Koqania"
"Kit and the Little People" Falk Barry mentioned, as "in Europe... a hide-out in an ancient castle"
"Ughland" Falk Barry mentioned, as "an ancient castle in the old world"
"Phantom World" Falk Barry, Olesen, Doescher mentioned, as "a castle ruin in the old world"
"The Lookout" Falk Olesen, Fredericks mentioned, as "an ancient castle in Europe where he met and married Queen Heloise"

Avon novels

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Vampires and the Witch" Falk N/A