Kit and the Little People

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Kit and the Little People
Kit and the Little People.jpg
Start date: November 15th, 1981
End date: April 11th, 1982
# of strips: 22 pages
Writer: Lee Falk
Artist: Sy Barry
Original colorist: KFS staff
Preceded by: "Crazy Louie's Story"
Followed by: "The Terrorists"

"Kit and the Little People" is the 115th Phantom Sunday story. It was written by Lee Falk and drawn by Sy Barry.

Plot synopsis

The story begins with Diana being told that that there is going to be a long weekend on 'Friday'. Diana calls Rex and tells him to get the 'children ready' meaning Kit and Heloise because they are going to the Deep Woods to see The Phantom. They arrive in the Deep Woods a little later and are taken to the Skull Cave by the Pygmies.

Meanwhile, the Phantom is attending the Wedding of Wambanno as best man.

Old man Mozz tells Kit (The 21st Phantom's son) about the Little People and the next day Kit goes out looking for them, Devil follows him.

Kit eventually gets on a canoe unaware that a current is pulling him downstream towards The Fiery Lava. Meanwhile, The Phantom learns that Kit is missing and begins to look for Kit, Hero and Diana accompanying him.

Fraka, The Phantom's falcon is sent to find Kit and eventually does so. At the same time hundreds of other falcons search for Kit, all with Little People on their backs. One of the Little People, Andrea, finds Kit and lands on his boat and rescues him from the river.

Prince Dall takes Kit to dry land and Kit and the Little People play games of hide and seek until Kit tells Prince Dall that he wants to fly. The Little People attach rope to him and then lift him into the air with their falcons but the falcons get tired and take him back down. Prince Dall tells Kit that he is a true son of his father and gives Kit a bracelet to remember them by. The Little People than leave and the Phantom and Diana arrive.

Kit gets excited and tells his Mum and Dad what happened. Diana doesn't believe him, saying that he's got a big imagination from listening to Old Man Moz's stories. The Phantom though, after seeing Kit's bracelet knows the story is true and later looks up Prince Dall to thank him.


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