The Ape Idol of the Durugu

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The Ape Idol of the Durugu
Durugu ape idol.jpg
Start date: February 26th, 1950
End date: May 7th, 1950
# of strips: 60 daily strips & 11 sundays
Writer: Lee Falk
Artist: Wilson McCoy
Original colorist: KFS staff (sundays)
Preceded by: "The Thuggees"
Followed by: "The Movie Stars" (dalies)
"The Mysterious Passenger"

"The Ape Idol of the Durugu" is the 37th Phantom daily story and the 25th Phantom Sunday story. The story was written by Lee Falk and drawn by Wilson McCoy.

Plot synopsis

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Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • Chief Wobu of the Durugu
  • The Llongo Chief
  • Chief Duru of Durugu
  • "The Gorilla"



Behind the scenes

  • Starting in February 1949 the Phantom Sundays and the Phantom daily strips featured the same stories. Unlike in the 1970's – when the stories "The Wedding of the Phantom", "The Three Bandits" and "The Heirs" ran both as dailies and Sundays – these adventures did not feature parallel stories but rather one story spanning over both weekdays and Sundays. However - since several newspapers only included either the Phantom dailies or the Phantom Sundays, the stories also had to be written in such way that the readers who didn't get both still were able to understand and appreciate the plot. As a result, the stories became quite repetitive when reading both Sundays and dailies, while the readers who only had access to either one of the two were left with some notable jumps in the storytelling. This practice was abandoned in May 1950, after four stories – "The Ape Idol of the Durugu" being the last.
  • Guran is referred to by The Phantom as "the wisest man in the jungle".
  • As he is about to fight the Ape Idol, The Phantom reveals to Duru that he is mortal – "I can only die once, Duru."

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This story has been published in the following publications:

Mini argentina.gif Argentina

Mini australia.gif Australia

Mini colony of barbados.gif Barbados

Mini brazil.gif Brazil

Mini canada.gif Canada

  • Le Nouvelliste February 25, 1950 – May 6, 1950 - Sundays only
  • Le Soleil February 26, 1950 – May 7, 1950 - Sundays only
  • La Patrie February 26, 1950 – May 7, 1950 - both Sundays and dailies
  • L'Action catholique May 1, 1950 – July 12, 1950 - dailies only

Mini denmark.gif Denmark

Mini finland.gif Finland

Mini france.gif France

Mini india.gif India

Mini ireland.gif Ireland

Mini italy.gif Italy

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Mini norway.gif Norway

Mini Portugal.gif Portugal

Mini spainunderfranco.gif Mini spain.gif Spain

Mini sweden.gif Sweden

Mini switzerland.gif Switzerland

  • L'Impartial August 31, 1955 – November 9, 1955 - dailies only

Mini turkey.gif Turkey

Mini uk.gif United Kingdom

Mini usa.gif USA

Mini germany.gif West Germany