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Lily Palmer
First appearance: "The Prisoner of the Himalayas"
Created by: Lee Falk and Ray Moore

Lily Palmer is the very strict mother of Diana Palmer-Walker. Her brother is David "Dave" Palmer, a former police chief. She is probably one of the few persons in the world of whom the 21st Phantom ever had have any fear of, and for a long time she refused to accept Diana's relationship with such a strange man, even though he saved her life at several occasions. This slightly changed at their wedding, after meeting all the prominent guests at the ceremony, and gradually she learned to accept her son-in-law.

According to the newspaper strip

Mrs. Palmer's full name appeared for the first time in "The Prisoner of the Himalayas" as Mrs.E.V.Palmer as shown in an announcement of Diana's engagement to Robert/Bob. Mrs. Palmer's first name was originally given in "The Sea Horse", which also introduces her brother Dave. However,in "Mister Hog" Dave refers to her as Laura.Lee Falk also had Lily's and Dave's father, H. H. Palmer, as well as their sister, Elsie Palmer, appearing in one story each, never to reappear. Lily's husband and Diana's father has never appeared in any story, but he is said to be deceased in at least two of Lee Falk's stories: "The Singh Brotherhood" and "The Wedding of the Phantom".

According to Team Fantomen

Diana's father appeared in a Team Fantomen story "The Triads, Part 5: At the End of the Road". In "Lily Palmer's Secret", a man shows up at the Palmer home, claiming to be Lily's husband and Diana's dad. He is eventually proved to be an impostor but the name of Lily's husband is given as Henry Zapman.

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Notable appearances

Daily/Sunday stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Prisoner of the Himalayas" Falk Moore as Mrs. E.V. Palmer
"Adventure in Algiers" Falk Moore
"The Sea Horse" Falk Moore as Mrs. Lily Palmer
"The Wedding of the Phantom" Falk Barry
"Jungle City" Falk Barry
"The Heirs" Falk Barry
"Mr Big" Falk Olesen, Williams

Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"Seconds from Death" Reimerthi Lindahl