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First appearance: "The Singh Brotherhood"
Created by: Lee Falk and Ray Moore

The Bandar is a pygmy tribe in the Deep Woods of the Bangalla jungle. They are also known as the poison people. The current chief is Guran.

The Bandar people were once held as slaves by the Wasaka tribe, but were liberated by the 1st Phantom who managed to make a very deadly poison of the Banga berries that they could use as an arrow poison.

The Bandar occasionally use their amnesia powder to help the Phantom protect his secrets. The Scoundrel


According to Lee Falk

Lee Falk has mentioned very little of previous chiefs, even though a person is called Turan at the time of the 1st Phantom, which has led some to the conclusion that Turan was the chief then.

According to Team Fantomen

Chiefs of the Bandar tribe include:

Name Contemporary to Comment
Turan The 1st Phantom Had a son named Tudan The Bandar Idol
Duran The 2nd Phantom and the 3rd Phantom It was Duran who brought the Ring to the 3rd Phantom
Buran The 3rd Phantom and the 4th Phantom Was the chief from very early on in the 3rd Phantom's days
Suran The 4th Phantom
Buran The 5th Phantom Was the chief in 1650
Bugan The 5th Phantom Might have been before Buran
Zuran The 6th Phantom and the 7th Phantom
Turan The 8th Phantom and the 9th Phantom Was the chief in 1717
Curan The 9th Phantom Was the chief in ca 1722
unnamed The 10th Phantom Was the chief at least in 1746 The Castaways
Uuran The 10th Phantom and the 11th Phantom Was the chief at least in 1757-58
Tembur The 11th Phantom
unnamed The 12th Phantom Cagliostro Mystery The Lost Library The Curse of Robert Fitzgiles
Nuran The 13th Phantom
unnamed The 14th Phantom The Kali Sect
Zuran The 14th Phantom
Turran The 14th Phantom and The 15th Phantom Was the chief in 1824 and 1831
Buran The 16th Phantom
Quran The 17th Phantom
Zuran The 18th Phantom and the 19th Phantom The grandfather of Guran Vultures_Over_Vacul
Turan The 19th Phantom Was the chief in 1912 The Missing Link
Duran The 19th Phantom Was the chief in 1932 The Cloud Pirates
Buran The 19th Phantom and The 20th Phantom The father of Guran
Guran The 21st Phantom
G'ran The 31st Phantom in a dream

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