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First appearance: "The Tarashima Terrorists"
Created by: Lee Falk & Sy Barry

Tarashima is a neighbour country of Bangalla and Ivory-Lana.


According to the newspaper strip

Tarashima is a military dictatorship, but the dictators have shifted.The dictator General Tozzan planned to take over Bangalla and instate general Bababu as new leader, but they were forced to Bangalla by the Phantom, and the military took over Tarashima. The Tarashima Terrorists

Together with Ughland's General Ugho, the new Tarashima ruler General Ditto bought nuclear weapons from a former Soviet state. The Phantom forced the two dictators to reveal where the bombs were hidden. Nukes

General Bozzan of Tarashima tried to destroy President Luaga's reputation and then kill him, but was taken to Bangalla by the Phantom and convicted there. Battle of the Jungle Boys

According to Team Fantomen

A peace conference between Tarashima and Ughland was held in Bengali. The Phantom stopped an attempted assassination during the conference. The Psychiatrist

Behind the Scenes

In "The Presidents", the country Tarakimo is mentioned as neighbour to Bangalla and Ivory-Lana. However, Tarakimo had previously appeared as a far away Asian country. It is likely that Tarashima was then introduced to represent a dictatorial neighbour of Bangalla that was the intention of Tarakimo's mention in "The Presidents".


Newspaper stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Presidents" Falk Barry As Tarakimo, a neighbour country to Bangalla and Ivory-Lana. Apparently a mistake, and since then Tarashima has been introduced as neighbour to Bangalla.
"The Tarashima Terrorists" Falk Barry first appearance as Tarashima
"The Man-Thing" Falk Barry  
"Nukes" Falk Barry  
"Battle of the Jungle Boys" Falk Olesen, Doescher, Fredericks  

Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Psychiatrist" Moberg Mann  
"The Fight Against Singh, Part 1: Shadows over Singhtown" Reimerthi Ordon mentioned
"The Fight Against Singh, Part 2: In the Shadow of the Enemy" Reimerthi Ordon mentioned