Battle of the Jungle Boys

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Battle of the Jungle Boys
Start date: December 11th, 1994
End date: September 17th, 1995
# of strips: 41 pages
Writer: Lee Falk
Artist: George Olesen, Eric Doescher,
Fred Fredericks
Original colorist: KFS staff
Preceded by: "Phantom World"
Followed by: "Queen Medusa"

"Battle of the Jungle Boys" is the 143rd Phantom Sunday story. It was written by Lee Falk and drawn by George Olesen, Eric Doescher, and Fred Fredericks. It was the first Phantom story that Fredericks inked.

Plot synopsis

Once there were two jungle boys in Bangalla; Lamanda Luaga and Babo Bababu. Luaga studied and became a doctor, while Bababu joined the colonial army. An war of independence was fought and Luaga was among the freedom fighters. When it was clear that the independence fighters was going to win, Bababu, now a general, switched sides and joined them. An election was held with two prominent candidates; dr Luaga and general Bababu. Dr Luaga won but general Bababu did not accept the results and started a civil war, which was ended when the Phantom kidnapped him and took him to the Skull Cave, where Luaga defeated him in a duel for the presidency.

10 years later, Bababu escapes from prison and comes to Tarashima.

Meanwhile, Lamanda Luaga "escapes" from his work through a secret tunnel and goes to the Tree House in disguise so that he could socialize with the Phantom and his family. There, he meets miss Taru Tagama and through the course of events, he comes to asks her out for a date.

Upon returning to the President Palace, his secret tunnel is discovered by one of his security guards, captain Landa. He strictly forbids Landa to tell anyone about the tunnel, but Landa is a traitor that serves Tarashima.

Lamanda is kidnapped when he is to meet miss Tagama for the date. While Luaga is mysteriously gone and everyone wonders where he could be, a bank robbery is commited and one of the robbers is clearly seen to be Luaga.

The Phantom refuses to believe the video as "Luaga" is unmasked, unlike the other robbers, and willingly looks into the camera. The solution is provided immediately as the twins show him their new masks of Luaga's head.

The Phantom catches captain Landa red-handed when he is testing his Luaga mask. Through some "persuation", the Phantom tracks down the men that are holding Luaga captured and take care of them. Luaga is taken to the Tree House in order that he will be in a secure place.

Then, the Phantom "invades" Tarashima and brings the current dictator, general Bozzan, together with general Bababu, to Bangalla, where they are convicted of their crimes and Luaga is cleared in a trial.

Luaga and miss Tagama marries

Luaga and miss Taru Tagama can finally have their date, this time in the President Palace. Luaga suddenly proposes to miss Tagama, who accepts with a kiss under the condition that she will continue to teach Kit and Heloise.

Newspapers announce the happy news that the president is marrying a teacher, and the Phantom and his family are present at the wedding.


Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • Captain Landa, security guard

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Phantom lore

Deities and idols

Old Jungle Sayings

Behind the scenes

  • This story does not reference any of the stories featuring General Bababu that came after his first appearance in "The Mysterious Ambassador", and only mentions that he was sentenced to jail after the civil war.
  • It also does not reference previous meetings between Miss Tagama and President Luaga.
  • The story takes place 10 years after the events in "The Mysterious Ambassador", and Kit and Heloise are said to be 8 years old.
  • When Sy Barry retired from the Phantom newspaper strip, the artwork was taken over by Barry's former assistant George Olesen (pencils) and Eric Doescher (inks, sometimes assisted by Joe Orlando). None of Barry's replacements received official credit, until "Mandrake the Magician" artist Fred Fredericks was brought in as new inker during this story and both Olesen and Fredericks were given full credit.

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