Lamanda Luaga

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Lamanda Luaga
Luaga kidnapped in "Battle of the Jungle Boys"
First appearance: "The Epidemic"
Created by: Lee Falk & Sy Barry

Dr Lamanda Luaga is the long time president of the republic of Bangalla.

Fictional Character Biography

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According to newspaper strip

Lamanda Luaga comes from the Llongo tribe. He has a son named Lon who is married to Lila, the daughter of Luaga's archenemy General Bababu. The Frame-Up He has two brothers: the no-gooder Loka, who has attempted to steal the sacred twoheaded deer, the fortune symbol of the Llongo tribe The Curse of the Sacred Image; and father Morra, a priest who runs a jungle orphanage The Jungle Home, and a sister, whose son Ola Onord became Bangalla's chief of staff but plotted a coup against Luaga. The Man-Thing

Luaga married the schoolteacher of Kit and Heloise and former of Rex and Tom-Tom; Miss Tagama. Battle of the Jungle Boys

According to Team Fantomen

Luaga punches the Phantom in "Hunted"

Lamanda's nephew Cy Tombago is married to Corinna. Secret of the Arctic

Luaga lost a presidantial election against Kigali Lubanga.

Luaga was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, and following the presumed death of Lubanga he again became president.

Following his dealings with high profile criminal and former president Lubanga, Luaga once again resigned the presidency. The Farm He returned to his former calling, and now served as a doctor in the slums of Bengete. Death in Cyberspace

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Luaga decided to once again run for president when there is only bad candidates, became president in the last election. A New Hope

According to Frew

The Singh Brotherhood murdered a niece and nephew of President Luaga. Return of the Singh Brotherhood


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