The Prince Rex Conspiracy

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The Prince Rex Conspiracy
The Prince Rex Conspiracy.jpg
Start date: April 3rd, 2005
End date: September 25th, 2005
# of strips: 26
Writer: Tony DePaul
Artist: Graham Nolan
Original colorist: Graham Nolan
Preceded by: "The Iron Python"
Followed by: "On the Trail
of an Assassin

"The Prince Rex Conspiracy" is the 162nd Phantom Sunday story. The story was written by Tony DePaul and drawn by Graham Nolan.

Plot synopsis

Tom-Tom leaves the Wambesi village where he lives to visit his friend Rex in Baronkhan. They go for a swim in the swimming pool where Rex shows Tom-Tom his bodyguard, captain Lara. Tom-Tom thinks that they should get married since they are always together anyway.

Meanwhile three conspirators are planning to overthrow prince Rex: the minister of foreign affairs Zombak, the army general and the court doctor. The conspirators have access to a poison in the form of an aerosol that is spread over they city. Many inhabitants, including Rex, become sick with a mysterious fever. The court doctor vaccinates Rex with more poison. Still concisous, Rex orders that a helicopter be sent to Mawitaan for vaccine. The army general who is part of the conspiracy uses an anti-aircraft portable rocket launcher to shoot down the helicopter.

In the Skull Cave, the Phantom hears the exploding helicopter and investigates the matter. The helicopter crew has survived and is taken care of by Bandars. The Phantom rides to Baronkhan to investigate. Rex and Tom-Tom are very sick but tell him that the army has not been affected since the court doctor inoculated the army soldiers with a vitamin cure that kept them healthy. When the doctor arrives to Rex's sick bed, the Phantom forces him to confess that he is keeping Rex, Tom-Tom and captain Lara sick instead of curing them since a coup is underway. Forced by the Phantom, he inoculates them with the vaccine to make them healthy again.

All over Baronkhan, the army general announces on loudspeakers that Zombak is temporarily in charge during Rex's sickness. Zombak is sitting on the throne when Rex shows up quite healthy. The royal doctor is arrested and when Zombak and the army general pull guns, they are quickly disarmed by the Phantom.

Some time later the Phantom and Tom-Tom are leaving for the Deep Woods. As a parting gift Tom-Tom receives a horse especially selected for him by captain Lara.


Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • Royal doctor
  • Zombak, minister of foreign affairs
  • Army general



Old jungle sayings

  • The Phantom is rough with roughnecks


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