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Mike Bullock
Biographical information
Born: September 15, 1968
Died: N/A
Nationality: Mini usa.gif American
Occupation: Writer
Website: N/A

Mike Bullock is an award-winning writer of poetry and creative fiction, a published lyricist, and an accomplished non-fiction writer. He has been writing creatively for over 20 years and has nearly two decades of promotional experience in the music and comic industries. He is best known as the creator of Lions, Tigers and Bears for Image Comics, and as the regular writer of The Phantom from Moonstone Books.


Mike Bullock first began his music career at the age of seventeen. By his twenty-first birthday, he'd joined his first professional band, recorded his first album for Restless Records and gone on his first tour. During this time, he wrote for and served as editor of the fanzine Schematix. By his twenty fifth birthday, UCLA's Campus Circle magazine relied on Bullock for their music columns and band interviews.

Soon after, Bullock launched Mainframe Music, an artist development company aimed at steering the careers of younger musicians.

Bullock attended Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, California, studying journalism and computer science. He later studied both fiction and non-fiction writing for children and young adults at the Institute of Children's Literature.

At the age of thirty, he walked away from the music industry and soon embraced writing full-time.

Bullock joined the staff of the online comic magazine Broken Frontier in February of 2003. During his time with the magazine, Bullock was the Reviews Editor. In addition to reviews, Bullock also became the longest tenured staff writer; his Industrial Evolution column arrived weekly for two years and was joined by the occasional Lowdown article.

His first published fiction work, Lions, Tigers and Bears brought him acclaim that rivaled his music career and validated his new choice in creative outlets.

Comic book works

In late 2003, Dabel Brothers Productions approached Bullock and offered him the reins of their Promotions Department.

During his one year stint with Dabel Brothers Productions, Bullock performed the duties of PR Director, as well as Editor on DBPro's original series, Imperial Dragons, and Dreamwave's Warlands. In addition, Bullock developed the second Imperial Dragons series for Dabel Brothers, entitled Imperial Dragons: Road of Honor.

Bullock soon developed several of his original properties, the first of which to see publication is the critically acclaimed Image Comic Lions, Tigers and Bears, a charming all-ages tale reviewers have called " Monsters Inc. meets The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe ". Lions, Tigers and Bears was created by Bullock, then developed with series artist, Jack Lawrence. Lions, Tigers and Bears won the Angouleme Discovery Youth Prize in 2007.

Bullock's second series, The Gimoles [1], has also achieved a high level of praise from readers and critics alike, featuring artwork from UK artist Theo Bain [2] and US artist Michael Mayhew. The second Lions, Tigers and Bears series, also authored by Bullock, began in April of 2006.

In late 2005, Bullock was handed the reins of Moonstone Books' comic series starring, and named after, The Phantom [3], originally created by Lee Falk. He also wrote two prose stories featuring the character in Moonstone's Phantom prose anthology The Phantom Chronicles, released in the summer of 2007.

Phantom work by Mike Bullock


Moonstone stories

Comics stories

# Title Writer Artist
1 "Tiger's Blood Part 1" Bullock Rearte
2 "Tiger's Blood Part 2" Bullock Magno
3 "Five Days of the Dragon Chapter 5" Bullock Ferreyra
4 "Walker's Line Part 1" Bullock Magno
5 "Walker's Line Part 2" Bullock Magno
6 "Forgotten" Bullock Szilagyi
7 "Invisible Children Part 1" Bullock Szilagyi
8 "Invisible Children Part 2" Bullock Szilagyi
9 "Invisible Children Part 3" Bullock Szilagyi
10 "Silent Knight" Bullock Szilagyi, Coggiola
11 "Worth Beyond Measure" Bullock Zeu
12 "Checkmate Part 1" Bullock Szilagyi
13 "Checkmate Part 2" Bullock Szilagyi, Coggiola
14 "Checkmate Part 3" Bullock Szilagyi
15 "Checkmate Part 4" Bullock Szilagyi
16 "Checkmate Part 5" Bullock Szilagyi
17 "Man O' War" Bullock Szilagyi, Zeu
18 "Jewel of Denial" Bullock Gonçalves
19 "Concrete Jungle" Bullock, Grevioux Gonçalves
20 "Gutaale" Bullock Peniche
21 "Enitan" Bullock Szilagyi, Mulko
22 "End War Part 1" Bullock, Michelinie Szilagyi
23 "End War Part 2" Bullock, Michelinie Szilagyi
24 "End War Part 3" Bullock, Michelinie Szilagyi
25 "The Chase" Bullock, Michelinie Peniche
26 "Return of The Eastern Dark Part 1" Bullock Szilagyi
27 "Return of The Eastern Dark Part 2" Bullock Szilagyi
28 "International Waters" Bullock Peniche
29 "The Hammer, Part 1" Bullock Peniche
30 "The Hammer, Part 2" Bullock Peniche
31 "The Hammer, Part 3" Bullock Peniche
32 "The Hammer, Part 4" Bullock Peniche
33 "The Hammer, Part 5" Bullock Peniche
34 "The Hammer, Part 6" Bullock Peniche
35 "Phantom Action, Part 1" Bullock Maniquis, Williams
36 "Phantom Action, Part 2" Bullock Maniquis, Williams
37 "Godfall, Part 1" Bullock Szilagyi
38 "Godfall, Part 2" Bullock Szilagyi
39 "Godfall, Part 3" Bullock Szilagyi
40 "Godfall, Part 4" Bullock Szilagyi
41 "Godfall, Part 5" Bullock Szilagyi
42 "Warhead" Bullock Talbot

Graphic stories

# Title Writer Artist
1 "Thy Will be Done" Bullock Zeu
2 "The Slave Trail" Baron, Bullock Saviuk
3 "Priceless" Bullock Lanting

Prose stories

# Title Writer
1 "White Knight" Bullock
2 "Bad Medicine" Bullock, Rhoades
3 "I of the Storm" Bullock
4 "Passages" Bullock, Aitken

Lightning Strike Comics stories

# Title Writer Artist
1 "Miss the Mark" Bullock Peniche

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