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Invisible Children Part 1

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Invisible Children Part 1
Invisible Children Part 1.jpg
Produced for: The Phantom #17 (2007)
# of pgs: 22
Writer: Mike Bullock
Artist: Silvestre Szilagyi
Original colorist: Bob Pedroza
Producer: Moonstone Books

"Invisible Children Part 1" is a 2007 Moonstone Books Phantom story by Mike Bullock and Silvestre Szilagyi.

Plot summary

Ripped from today’s headlines, The Phantom takes on an African warlord who believes he is a prophet of the almighty God himself. At stake, are the lives of thousands of children stolen from their homes and indoctrinated into the warlord's resistance army through mental, physical and spiritual torture. The warlord HIM has conscripted these "Invisible Children" to fight his holy war and assert his self-proclaimed "Divine Will" on the peoples and governments of Africa in his first step towards world domination.

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