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Produced for: The Phantom:
Ghost Who Walks
#0 (2009)
# of pgs: 10
Writer: Mike Bullock
Artist: Silvestre Szilagyi &
Sergio Mulko
Original colorist: Bob Pedroza
Producer: Moonstone Books

"Enitan" is a 2009 Moonstone Books Phantom story by Mike Bullock, Silvestre Szilagyi and Sergio Mulko.

Plot synopsis

In 1531, a merchant ship is attacked off the coast of Africa by the Singh Brotherhood, led by Kabai Singh. Only the captain's son the cabin boy survives the attack and is washed ashore. There, he is found by Bandar warriors who take him to their village, where he is nursed back to health. The Bandar tribe belives that a prophecy has been fulfilled, of a man who comes from the sea to save them from being enslaved by the Wasaka tribe, and they call the cabin boy "Fan-Tum". The cabin boy spends many months with the Bandar. When the Bandar chief Turan's son Suran is kidnapped by the Wasaka, the cabin boy follows a group of Bandar warriors. On their way to the Wasaka village, they find the body of the man who murdered the cabin boy's father. Upon the skull of the murderer, the cabin boy swears an oath to fight piracy, greed, cruelty and injustice. The warriors return to the Bandar village, now with a plan to free Suran and the rest of the enslaved Bandar. The cabin boy disguises as the Wasaka god, Kua the Undying. Led by the cabin boy, the Bandar manage to defeat the Wasaka. The cabin boy is given two rings by the Bandar chief, and a new home in a cave shaped like a skull, where the rings had been forged out of nails that held Jesus to the cross. The cabin boy takes his place on a skull throne inside the cave, and swears that his sons and their sons also will follow the Oath of the Skull. A collage of images shows his 20 descendants and glimpses from their lives.


Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • Suran, son of Turan





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