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This is a list of the stories produced by Lightning Strike Comics. The stories was initially created by all Irish creators.


In 2016 Lightning Strike Comics released a special Phantom issue for the Dublin Comic Con festival with six new short stories.

In 2017, they created the full-length story "Scarlet Sapphire" for a one-shot issue.

In 2018, they started new series The Phantom Strikes, announced to be published monthly.


# Title Writer Artist Comment
"The Magician's Hoard" Hill Tormey
"On The Phantom's Trail" Keogh McMonagle
"The Collector" Higgins Iqbal
"The Wolf Who Walks" O'Reilly McDonagh, Chacko
"Pirates of the Ether" O'Reilly Young
"Trouble at Sea" O'Reilly O'Rowe
"The Story of the Phantom" Falk Hughes remake of the first Phantom Sunday page
"Scarlet Sapphire" Mooney Carey
"From the Shadow of a Ghost, Part 1" Williams Saviuk
10 "Masks of the Phantom" Wærness, Collins, Knutsen Collins
11 "Miss the Mark" Bullock Peniche
12 "Best Friend" Marz Bonk
13 "Lessons in the Jungle" B. O'Sullivan A. O'Sullivan
14 "SOS" Hill Hughes
15 "Extra Mile" Caruso Agro
16 "Final Chapter" Eriksson Roche
17 "From the Shadow of a Ghost, Part 2" Williams Saviuk wrongly titled as Part 4

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