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First appearance: "Eden"
Created by: Donne Avenell &
Hans Lindahl


Fictional character biography

According to Team Fantomen

Archie was a boy who was raised by apes and captured by the Wambesi. The 20th Phantom tried to civilize him, though in vain. It was during WWII, and the 20th Phantom gave Archie Eden as a refuge from the modern world in exchange that he regulary came to visit the the Skull Cave. After two years, Archie reported that some strangers had came to the island. The Phantom followed Archie to the island, there he discovered that the island had turned into a paradise, Archie being able to make wild animals friendly by seemingly talking to them in a whispering voice, he therefore decides to name the island Eden.

The strangers turn out to be Germans with a submarine, the Phantom heads back to the Skull Cave to contact the Jungle Patrol, but when he arrives, he overhears a battle between a British ship and the German submarine. The Phantom immidiately heads back towards Eden but arrives to late. Later guesses and established facts suggest that the German submarine was taken out and only its captain survived and reached for Eden, the British ship then shelled Eden and the German captain was killed while Archie assembled all the animals at a wooden raft and tried to take them to the safe mainland. Unfortunately, the British captain had ordered a small boat to patrol the straits between Eden and the land, they saw the raft and opened fire out of caution, Archie then grabbed a German hand grenade that he had taken from the German storage at Eden and activated it, then he run towards the boat whose crew saw no other solution than to shoot. Archie made it to the boat, though wounded and droped the grenade right at the boat where it immediately exploded and killed Archie and the British crew, right in front of the 20th Phantom.


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Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"Eden" Avenell Lindahl
"Snake in Paradise" Reimerthi Spadari mentioned only

Daily/Sunday stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Animal Collector" DePaul Olesen, Williams mentioned only