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Gibi Semanal was a Brazilian comic book series, published by RGE between October 1974 and July 1975. Issues #25-27 and #40 included Phantom stories.


In October 1974 RGE (now known as Editora Globo) took the initiative to revive the Gibi magazine. First published in 1939, it originally had in its pages Charlie Chan, Alley Oop, Ferdinand and several other characters. At that time, Gibi meant boy, black boy, but after a period the word became associated with comic books themselves and has since become a kind of "synonym" to comics in Brazil.

Relaunched with a weekly periodicity, the magazine, included stories from a large range of characters such as Popeye, Tarzan, Dick Tracy, The Spirit, etc. Published in large format (40cm x 30cm), the covers were drawn by Walmir Amaral de Oliveira and Murilo Marques Moutinho.

The magazine started with a circulation of 160,000 copies, and the last edition (#40) sold "only" 35,000 copies (a figure considered low by RGE standards).

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