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Gibi was the name of two Brazilian comic book series, published first by O Globo between 1939 and 1950, and then by Editora Globo between October 1993 and May 1994.


First series

On 12 April 1939, O Globo launched a new comics newspaper called Gibi. The Phantom was launched in American Sundays on May 28, 1939, and Gibi #33 on July 21, 1939 announced that the strip would soon be added. Three weeks later, on August 11, 1939, Gibi commenced printing The Phantom Sunday strips in issue #36. Gibi is considered to be one of the most important series for the Phantom in Brazil, because it published a total of 21 complete Phantom Sunday adventures and unfortunately many of these stories have never since appeared in Brazil. The Phantom was published in a series of chapters on the central page in full color, one Sunday at a time. Gibi was published two or three times per week (usually Friday or Wednesday), so The Phantom did not appear in all editions. The last issue of the series was published on March 3, 1950 (#1739), and The Phantom's last appearance was in Gibi #1629 on September 16, 1949.

Published stories

Original story title Start issue End issue Comment
"The League of Lost Men" #36 #93
"The Precious Cargo of Colonel Winn" #96 #161
"The Fire Goddess" #164 #222
"The Beachcomber" #226 #294
"The Saboteurs" #297 #318
"The Return of the Sky Band" #321 #474
"The Impostor" #477 #612
"Castle in the Clouds" #615 #690
"The Ismani Cannibals" #693 #723
"Hamid the Terrible" #726 #873
"The Childhood of the Phantom" #879 #960
"The Golden Princess" #963 #1032
"The Strange Fisherman" #1035 #1101
"Queen Pera the Perfect" #1104 #1146
"King of Beasts" #1149 #1206
"The Scarlet Sorceress" #1209 #1266
"The 12 Tasks" #1269 #1365
"The Dragon God" #1368 #1425
"The Marshall Sisters" #1428 #1503
"The Phantom Trophy" #1506 #1551
"The Haunted Castle" #1554 #1629

Second series

In order not to lose the rights over the "Gibi" name, which in Brazil is a synonym to comics, Editora Globo released periodically, an anthology of comics with this title. This instance, the series lasted 12 issues with odd numbers dedicated to King Features Syndicate characters and even numbers dedicated to Marvel characters.

Issue overview