Fantasma Extra (Globo)

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Fantasma Extra was a series of Phantom comics published by Globo in Brazil.


Globo started this series in February 1987 with the name Extra on the cover, but from issue #29 (March 1991) this name was dropped from the cover and replaced by a very small title Gibi apresenta. In both cases, the title Fantasma was the dominant feature. The series mainly reprinted newspaper strip stories and Team Fantomen stories, but some issues contained reprint of Fratelli Spada stories (at least one story) previously published in Almanaque do Fantasma and RGE stories from Superalmanaque Fantasma. They were published bimonthly until issue #22 (Oct 1990), before switching to a monthly schedule. A total of 48 full colour issues were published before the series was cancelled in December 1992.

Issue overview