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The Demon God of Wasaka

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The Demon God of Wasaka
First appearance: "The First Phantom"
Created by: Lee Falk & Sy Barry

The Demon God of Wasaka was an idol worshipped by the Wasaka tribe in Bangalla. The look of the idol was the basis of the first Phantom costume.

According to Newspaper stories

The Wasaka tribe worshipped a stone idol, which they sacrificed both animals and humans to. When the 1st Phantom was washed ashore in Bangalla, he ended the Wasaka's slavery of the Bandars wearing a costume based on the look of the Wasaka idol. The First Phantom

According to Team Fantomen

The Demon God is known as Wazuzu Lord of the Jungle or Urzuk. The Racist Cult

According to Moonstone

The first Phantom costume.

The Demon God of Wasaka is known as Kua the Undying. When the 1st Phantom freed the Bandar from slavery under the Wasaka, he masked himself to look as Kua, to take advantge of the Wasaka's superstition. This was later developed into the Phantom costume. Legacy

The 21st Phantom meets the living incarnation of Kua the Undying.

The Wasaka tribe was beaten and their worship of Kua was thought to have been abandoned. However, a group of dedicated Wasaka warriors had sworn to take vengeance on the Phantom for defeating them and stealing the image of Kua. A warrior was selected to become the living incarnation of Kua the Undying, and it was his duty to extract vengeance on the Phantom. Like the Phantom lineage, this duty passed down from father to son over the centuries. These Wasaka warriors made several attempts over the years to kill the Phantom, but failed. Curse of the Phantom Pt 1 The latest living incarnation of Kua met the 21st Phantom and was killed in the process. It was revealed that he had a newborn daughter who is raised by the Wasaka to possibly take over the role of Kua in the future. Curse of the Phantom Pt 2

HIM painted as Kua.

The Phantom is however not the only person to use the image of Kua. The Ugandan warlord known as HIM combined Christianity with Kua worship to create his own religion, which he used to rule his soldiers with fear and superstition. HIM presented himself as a living god and painted his body to look like Kua. Invisible Children Pt 1

Behind the scenes

Falk has mentioned a demon called Kua in the Sunday story "The Lions of Kukhan", where the jungle people thought that a K at the side of some lions ment that they were sent by Kua. (They were in fact sent by Kukhan) This Kua has not in anyway been connected with the demon god of Wasaka and it appears to be a coincidence that Moonstone Books chose that name for their version.

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According to Dynamite

The Demon God of Wasaka is known as Uzuki. The idol was made of the skeleton of a Knight Templar in armor, sitting on a throne ornamented with skulls. After the 1st Phantom decapitated the king of the Wasaka, he took parts of the templar's armor as part of the first Phantom costume. Jungle Rules Ch 5