The Phantom Chronicles (Gold Key story)

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The Phantom Chronicles
Phantom Chronicles.jpg
Produced for: The Phantom #13
# of pgs: 24
Writer: Dick Wood
Artist: Bill Lignante
Original colorist: unknown
Producer: Gold Key

"The Phantom Chronicles" is a 1965 Gold Key story, written by Dick Wood and drawn by Bill Lignante.

Plot synopsis

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Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • The Sultan of Niaran
  • The Rachamond of the 13th Phantom's time
  • The current Rachamond
  • Bragan



  • This is the first Gold Key story to feature the chronicle room, as well as the first to feature a longer story from the time of a past Phantom.
  • The 13th Phantom is said to have been active in 1840 and in 1864. He is also said to be the great-great-grandfather of the current Phantom, meaning that the current one is the 17th in the line. Other Gold Key stories states that the current Phantom is the 21st or the 16th.


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