Rune Noble

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Rune Noble
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First appearance: "The Nomad"
Created by: Tony DePaul & Paul Ryan

Rune Noble is the CEO of Shadow Security, a private army for hire.

Fictional Character Biography

Eric Sahara hired Rune Noble and his Shadow Security to find and kill The Phantom in Bangalla. When Noble searched for Bangallan natives for his Shadow Team Bangalla, it attracted the attention of the Phantom. The Phantom travelled to Shadow Security HQ and applied for the team in a civilan outfit, and was selected by Noble as a key member of the team.

In Bangalla, Shadow Team Bangalla, traveled to the edge of the Wambesi Village, here Rune Noble asked the help of the Wambesi people, to find the phantom, later of the problem with the Wambesi people, The The Phantom K.O the last soldier, and asked to Noble the real name of Sahara, later of be attacked by the Nomad, Noble escapes and run to finally be captured by The Phantom and he is imprisioned by the Jungle Patrol.

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Daily and Sunday stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Nomad" DePaul Ryan, Barreto first appearance
"The Shadows of Rune Noble" DePaul Barreto, Ryan, Beatty