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Betrayal in Kangula

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Betrayal in Kangula
Produced for: Superalmanaque Fantasma
#12 (1983)
# of pgs: 43
Writer: José Menezes
Artist: RGE team
Original colorist: unknown
Producer: RGE

Betrayal in Kangula is a 1983 RGE story, written by José Menezes, with art by RGE team.

Plot summary

Rex finds a sword in the Major Treasure Room and asks the Phantom to tell the story about it.

Long before the days of the 1st Phantom, a group of Nordic warriors arrived in Bangalla and founded the city of Kangula. One of the first descendants of the 1st Phantom brought the criminal Pitak to Kangula. The Phantom was thanked by governor Valgrid, his wife Dhaka and his niece Ophyra.

Later, Ophyra discovered that Dhaka had an affair with Ral-Rik, and that they were plotting to take power of Kangula from Valgrid. They tried to kill Ophyra, but she was saved by the Phantom. Pitak was also part of the treason. When the Phantom saved Valgrid's life, Dhaka, Ral-Rik and Pitak were killed.

Some weeks later, Valgrid died and Ophyra succeeded him as ruler or Kangula. She gave the Phantom a sword, and asked him to stay with her. He declined, but said he would always return if she needed his help.

Today, Kangula is a fashionable tourist resort in Morristown.


Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • Pitak
  • governor Valgrid of Kangula
  • Dhaka, Valgrid's wife
  • Ophyra, Valgrid's niece
  • Ral-Rik



Behind the scenes

  • This story has story code K198382045/10-JM.


This story has been published in the following publications:

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