The Complete Sundays: Volume Two 1942–1945

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The Complete Sundays
Volume Two 1942–1945
Cover artist: Ray Moore (from story art)
Country/language: Mini usa.gif USA / English
Format: 32.5 × 23.5 cm
Pages: 208 pgs, color
Publishing date: September 2014
Editor: Daniel Herman
Publishing company: Hermes Press
Preceded by: Vol. One 1939–1942
Followed by: Vol. Three 1945–1949
ISBN 978-1613450451

The Complete Sundays: Volume Two 1942–1945 was the 2nd issue of the American comic book series The Complete Sundays, published by Hermes Press in 2014.


Phantom stories


  • Introduction: "Lee Falk: Interview" by Spike Barkin
  • Focus: "The Dilemmas of Reprinting the Sunday Phantom" by Daniel Herman