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Ray Moore

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Raymond S. Moore
Ray Moore.jpg
Biographical information
Born: Febuary 27, 1905
Died: January 13, 1984
Nationality: Mini usa.gif American
Occupation: Artist
Website: N/A
Anno 1940

Raymond Stephen Moore (February 27, 1905 – January 13, 1984), better known as Ray Moore, was the co-creator, together with Lee Falk, and first artist on what would grow to become the world's most popular adventure comic strip, The Phantom, which started in 1936. Moore had previously worked as Phil Davis' assistant on the Lee Falk-created Mandrake the Magician comic strip, which was why he was thought to be a suitable choice to draw Falk's new creation.

Life and career

Little is known about Ray's personal life, but he was born in Montgomery City, Missouri, in 1905, and he lived most of his life in Missouri (St Louis, Manchester), until his death in 1984, together with his wife, Claire Moore. He was the son of a jeweler, and originally intended to become an engineer, before he realised that he could live off his job as an artist.

Moore attended Washington University Art School in St. Louis and started drawing The Phantom in 1936, after creator Falk realised he would not have the time to do the artwork in the strip himself. He had previously worked as an assistant on Falk's other strip, Mandrake the Magician.

Ray was involved in an accident during his career as a pilot in World War II, which made him unable to keep on drawing The Phantom, therefore leaving work on the strip to his assistant Wilson McCoy.

Ray Moore had a moody and mysterious drawing style, with a style of shadowing which suited the mysterious Phantom character. However, he slightly changed his style later on, focusing less on the dark atmosphere he had become known for, in advantage of a more realistic style, with more details and a less moody style of drawing.

Lee Falk always claimed that Moore was the best artist on the Phantom, because of his talent for drawing beautiful looking girls. It was this talent that led Falk to creating many crime corporations only consisting of women, like the infamous Sky Band.

Moore is known by fans to be as mysterious as the Phantom character he co-created and very few photos of him are known to the public. On the rare occasions he did interviews, he seldom mentioned his private life.

Ray Moore died in 1984 at St.Joseph Hospital near Kirkwood, a St.Louis suburb, after suffering a stroke. He was survived by his wife, Claire, who passed away in 2005.


  • Moore would sometimes use his wife Claire as a model when drawing the Phantom's girlfriend, Diana Palmer.
  • The idea of the Phantom's pet wolf Devil is believed to have come from Ray Moore's lifelong pleasure of drawing wolves.
  • In Paramount Pictures' The Phantom movie adaptation, starring Billy Zane, the butler of the Palmer-family is called "Falkmoore", a reference to Lee Falk and Ray Moore.

Phantom work by Ray Moore


Daily stories

# Title Writer Artist Start End
1 "The Singh Brotherhood" Lee Falk Falk, Moore 17 Feb 1936 7 Nov 1936
2 "The Sky Band" Falk Moore 9 Nov 1936 10 Apr 1937
3 "War in the Jungle" Falk Moore 12 Apr 1937 18 Sep 1937
4 "Little Toma" Falk Moore 20 Sep 1937 5 Feb 1938
5 "The Prisoner of the Himalayas" Falk Moore 7 Feb 1938 18 Jun 1938
6 "Adventure in Algiers" Falk Moore 20 Jun 1938 23 Jul 1938
7 "The Shark's Nest" Falk Moore 25 Jul 1938 5 Nov 1938
8 "Fishers of Pearls" Falk Moore 7 Nov 1938 28 Jan 1939
9 "The Slave Traders" Falk Moore 30 Jan 1939 6 May 1939
10 "The Mysterious Girl" Falk Moore 8 May 1939 2 Sep 1939
11 "The Golden Circle" Falk Moore 4 Sep 1939 20 Jan 1940
12 "The Seahorse" Falk Moore 22 Jan 1940 27 Jul 1940
13 "The Game of Alvar" Falk Moore 29 Jul 1940 14 Dec 1940
14 "Diana Aviatrix Lost" Falk Moore 16 Dec 1940 12 Jul 1941
15 "The Phantom's Treasure" Falk Moore 14 Jul 1941 31 Jan 1942
16 "The Inexorables" Falk Moore, McCoy 2 Feb 1942 9 Jan 1943
17 "The Mermaids of Melo Straits" Falk Moore 12 Nov 1945 16 Feb 1946
18 "Princess Valerie" Falk Moore, McCoy 18 Feb 1946 13 Jul 1946

Sunday stories

# Title Writer Artist Start End
1 "The League of Lost Men" Falk Moore 28 May 1939 15 Oct 1939
2 "The Precious Cargo of Colonel Winn" Falk Moore 22 Oct 1939 10 Mar 1940
3 "The Fire Goddess" Falk Moore 17 Mar 1940 21 Jul 1940
4 "The Beachcomber" Falk Moore 28 Jul 1940 29 Dec 1940
5 "The Saboteurs" Falk Moore 5 Jan 1941 23 Feb 1941
6 "The Return of the Sky Band" Falk Moore 2 Mar 1941 22 Feb 1942
7 "The Impostor" Falk Moore 1 Mar 1942 11 Oct 1942
8 "Castle in the Clouds" Falk Moore, McCoy 18 Oct 1942 18 Apr 1943
9 "Queen Pera the Perfect" Falk Moore 9 Dec 1945 17 Mar 1946
10 "King of Beasts" Falk Moore 24 Mar 1946 4 Aug 1946
11 "The Scarlet Sorceress" Falk Moore, McCoy 11 Aug 1946 22 Dec 1946
12 "The 12 Tasks" Falk Moore, McCoy 29 Dec 1946 29 Jun 1947
13 "The Dragon God" Falk Moore 6 Jul 1947 16 Nov 1947
14 "The Marshall Sisters" Falk Moore, McCoy 23 Nov 1947 16 May 1948
15 "The Phantom Trophy" Falk Moore 23 May 1948 5 Sep 1948
16 "The Haunted Castle" Falk Moore, McCoy 12 Sep 1948 13 Feb 1949

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