Politikin Zabavnik 2731

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Politikin Zabavnik #2731
PZ 2731.jpg
Cover artist: unknown
Country/language: Mini FRYugoslavia.png Serbia and
Montenegro / Serbian
Format: 22 × 30 cm
Pages: 64 pgs, color
Publishing date: June 11, 2004
Editor: Zefirino Grasi
Publishing company: Politika
Preceded by: Politikin Zabavnik
Followed by: Politikin Zabavnik
ISSN 0032-339x

Politikin Zabavnik #2731 was a regular issue of the Yugoslavian comic magazine Politikin Zabavnik, published in 2004. In this issue original story Walker's Table" no given new title and continued on previously story "The First Phantom", so both stories are under title "Човек из мора". A lot of panels from story Walker's Table are edited or removed. Of course, all panels where Diana appears are removed.


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