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Egmont International Holding A/S, owned in whole by The Egmont Foundation is a Danish media group. It is one of the leading media groups of Europe, in particular in the Nordic countries.


Founded by Egmont Harald Petersen in 1878 as a one-man printing business under the name Gutenberghus. The company's headquarters is still based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

In 1948 Egmont began publishing a Donald Duck comic based upon the classic Disney character in Denmark, Norway and Sweden

In 1991, Egmont purchased the Fleetway arm of IPC Media in the UK from Robert Maxwell, and thus became Britain's largest comic book publisher.

Today, Egmont produces weeklies, magazines, comics, books, film, TV-programmes, textbooks, games, content for mobile services, music and electronic entertainment. Egmont has activities in 23 countries, and around 3,800 employees. Total revenues in 2005 was 1.17 billion euro, in 2006 was 1.236 billion euro. As a foundation profits are reinvested and donated to various social and cultural causes.

Company structure

The company consists of five divisions:

  • Egmont Magazines
  • Egmont Kids & Teens - magazines, comic books and other products for youths.
  • Egmont Books - book publishing.
  • Egmont Nordisk Film - film production.
  • Egmont International - books and magazines for youths outside the Nordic market.

The Egmont Kids & Teens division is in turn divided into four national companies:

Under the Egmont International division, Egmont publishes comic books in about a dozen more countries.

The Phantom

Egmont has published The Phantom in the Nordic countries since 1997, when the company bought the comic book publishing companies Semic Press (Sweden), Semic Interpresse (Denmark), Semic/Nordisk Forlag (Norway) and Kustannus Oy Semic (Finland).

All Phantom-related staff and titles were included in the purchase, which had no immediate effect on the output of Phantom comics or their contents. The entire back catalog of Phantom stories produced by the so-called Team Fantomen (since 1963) is also controlled by Egmont since 1997.

As for Egmont's Phantom output, the company publishes fortnightly Phantom comics in Norway (Fantomet), Sweden (Fantomen), and Finland (Mustanaamio). The large majority of stories appearing in these comics are original adventures created specifically for the Nordic market by Team Fantomen.

Egmont continues to produce more original Phantom material than any other publisher in the world.

Frew Publications Connection

In 1978 Frew Publications, publisher of the Australian Phantom comic began re-printing Team Fantomen stories translated for an Australian audience. These re-prints now make up the bulk of Frew’s output.

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