The 9th Phantom

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The 9th Phantom
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Active years (Team Fantomen):
Active years (Lee Falk):
1726 - mid 18th century
Active years (Moonstone):
No appearance
Active years (Bastei):
Active years (Other producers):

The 9th Phantom is one of the Phantoms.

Fictional Character Biography

According to the newspaper strip

Born in 1704 as the fourth and youngest son of the 8th Phantom and his British wife, he was given the name Kit-Four. His three older brothers were triplets born in 1703, and named Kit-One, Kit-Two, and Kit-Three.

Kit-Four was much smaller than his brothers and was called "The Runt". When his older brothers travelled to England in 1715 to be educated, he stayed in the Jungle and trained hard to get stronger, but never became a tall man. His brothers returned seven years later, only to tell their father that they were hoping to pursue their careers instead of becoming the Phantom, and return to England again.

In 1725, the mongol ruler Jhatun Khan of Vhatun Dhatun began slave raids in the jungle. In 1726, the 8th Phantom travelled to Khan's palace to make him stop, but was shot in the back with an arrow by one of Khan's guards. The 8th made it back to the Skull Cave but died shortly after. Kit-Four then travelled to Vhatun Dhatun, where he fought and defeated Khan's 6-foot tall daughter, the 18-year old warrior princess Vhatta Khan. Vhatta followed Kit-Four to the Deep Woods, where he became the 9th Phantom. They were going to be married by the Council of Chiefs, when Jhatun Khan appeared, only to give them his blessing and wed them himself. The Fourth Son

In 1729, he rescued the treasure of King John of England (lost since 1216) and stored it in Skull Cave. The Scoundrel.

As the 9th Phantom, he was known as the strongest Phantom of all. He destroyed the idol Zaal which was worshipped with human sacrifice in The Eastern Dark, and thus earned the title Guardian of the Eastern Dark. Guardian of the Eastern Dark The Eastern Dark The Eastern Dark at Janorra

In April, 1735 he made a note in the chronicle; "I returned from the Golden People with only a gold flower to remember her. I promised to say no more". The 21st Phantom learned that the 9th had saved the life of the Queen of the Golden People, and presumably they fell in love with each other. But he could not stay and she could not leave, and the Queen later died of a broken heart. The Phantom became known by the Golden People as Messenger of the Gods after this event. The Golden People.

According to Team Fantomen

He began his time as the Phantom by avenging his father, killing Captain Blood. The Avenger from the Sea

He married Flame Stanbury in 1717, after defeating the tyrant Duvall that held her father prisoner and Jamaica enslaved. Flame Later that year was their son, the 10th Phantom (variably called both Kit and Chris), born.

The 9th Phantom was the one who signed the treaty with the Little People in May 12th, 1718 and most probably the first Phantom to meet them. The Little Ones

From mid 1718 until early 1719, he was busy chasing the pirate "Ironhand" Hawkins. When he found him, he was captured and tortured, until the ship sank, then he was able to defeat Hawkins with the help of the villagers of Shymouth. Night of the Pirates

In 1720, the 9th Phantom defeated the people of the city Zaal, and was then given the title "Guardian of the Eastern Dark". Guardian of the Eastern Dark Also in the same year in the Valley of the Kings, Egypt, he found the mummified snake that killed Cleopatra. The Art Collector

Around 1722, Zaal, inspired by the mysterious Alib, tried to take revenge and kidnapped his son Kit. Together with his newfound horse, Storm, the 9th Phantom rescued Kit and left Zaal burning. Count of the Darkness

In 1722, he came in the possession of the Horn of Roland after clearing Alhambra of pirates and scum. The Horn of Roland

Some time after he had freed Kit from the Zaal, his wife Flame gave birth to a daughter named Heloise. The Pirates' Prisoner

In 1725, he met Jonathan Wild, the King of Thieves, and helped ending his career. Jonathon Wild Pt 1 Jonathon Wild Pt 2

In late 1729, his wife and children were sailing to Jamaica where he was when pirates attacked. His wife probably died during the attack, while his children were taken prisoners. His son was forced to write a letter to him, and slipped through a hidden message of where the pirates base was located. The Phantom tried to buy them free but one of the two pirate captains tried to get more money and doubled the ransom, also delaying the return. The Phantom used the time to travel to their base and there he rescued his son Chris from both the pirates as well as a tsunami, while his daughter was taken away by one of the pirate captains. The Pirates' Prisoner

In 1735, he went to the Netherlands and met his old student friend Carl Linnaeus (later known as Carl von Linné) and helped solve some nasty murders. Curse of the Troll Drum

In 1735 he sailed a burning ship against the pirate ship Barracuda in the harbor of Bengalitown after the pirates had captured it. He had to jump from the ship just as it exploded. The explosion made him blind. The pirates caught him hand brought him with them. However, Barracuda was in so bad condition that it sank after a few days. The pirates had realized that the ship would sink soon and therefore made sure that it sank near the coast. The 9th Phantom was left onboard and went down to the bottom of the sea with Barracuda. A small portion of air was kept in the wreck so he could survive for a while inside it. Desperately searching through the wreck, he finally found a hole that had been torn up by the explosion. He reached the surface and started to swim, his only mean of finding a direction to swim at was to listen for the sound of the waves hitting the beach. He managed to reach land and collapsed there. Hours later, his son found him there and brought him back to the Skull Cave where he died two days later. The Treasure of the Barracuda

According to Bastei

The 9th Phantom was born in 1758, succeeded his father in 1787 and died in 1821. Die Ahnentafel Phantoms

He saved Nada, daughter of the Bandar chief Sial. She had been kidnapped by Mukti of the Togo tribe, who wanted to marry her so their tribes would be joined and become the most powerful tribe in Bengali. However, Nada was actually in love with Fango of the Togo tribe, and thanks to the Phantom's intervention she could marry him instead. The Jungle Princess

The 9th Phantom married Eileen Ambrose, a former pirate girl and the lost daughter of his friend count Ambrose. The Pirate Fortress

Notable Appearances

Daily/Sunday stories

Title Writer Artist Set in Comments
"The Fourth Son" Falk Barry 1726  
"Guardian of the Eastern Dark" Falk Barry 1710 Dated 1720 by Team Fantomen
"The Eastern Dark" Falk Barry unknown  
"The Eastern Dark at Janorra" Falk Barry 17??  
"The Rattle" Falk McCoy 1656 By Team Fantomen chronology attributed to the 9th Phantom
"The Little Ones" Falk Barry 1718 By Team Fantomen chronology attributed to the 9th Phantom
"The Scoundrel" DePaul Ryan 1729  

Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Set in Comments
"Walker's Ride" Reimerthi Velluto 1716 Before he became the 9th Phantom
"The Avenger from the Sea" Worker Bess 1717  
"Flame" Worker Bess 1717  
"Night of the Pirates" Reimerthi Boix 1718-19 Begin mid 1718 and ends at the beginning of 1719
"The Art Collector" Avenell Vallvé 1720  
"The Horn of Roland" Worker Cruz 1722  
"Mystery of the Golden Rune, Part 3: Count of the Darkness" Worker Felmang, Claudio Waldrag ca. 1722 The year is derived by estimating the age of the 10th Phantom, born 1717.
"The Devil's Anvil" Avenell Cruz 17??  
"Jonathon Wild, Part 1: King of Thieves" Reimerthi Leppänen 1725  
"Jonathon Wild, Part 2: Sentenced to Hang" Reimerthi Leppänen 1725  
"The Pirates' Prisoner" Lundström Lindahl 1729-30  
"The Prisoner in Venice" Lundström Vallvé 17?? A short notice states that some Phantom was helped by the grandfather of Renata di Mascarelli, it is assumed to be the 9th
"Curse of the Troll Drum" Reimerthi Lindahl 1735  
"The Treasure of the Barracuda" Worker Vallvé 1735 In this story, he dies.

Moonstone stories

Title Writer Artist Set in Comments
"The Slave Trail" Baron Saviuk ????  

Bastei stories

Title Writer Artist Set in Comments
"The Jungle Princess" Mennigen Triay 1779 According to this story the 9th Phantom was already active in 1779 which contradicts the regular Bastei timeline where he succeeded his father in 1787.
"The Pirate Fortress" Mennigen Triay 1780 According to this story the 9th Phantom was already active in 1780 which contradicts the regular Bastei timeline where he succeeded his father in 1787.
"The Doppelganger" Mennigen Tafalla 1780 According to this story the 9th Phantom was already active in 1780 which contradicts the regular Bastei timeline where he succeeded his father in 1787.
"The Lagoon of the Treasure Hunters" Mennigen Chacopino 1790

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