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First appearance: "The Rose of Cairo, Part 1"
Created by: Michael Tierres &
Hans Lindahl

Yussuf is a street boy from Cairo who befriended the 21st Phantom.

Fictional character biography

Yussuf, a street boy, lives with his grandfather in Cairo. The Phantom first came across Yussuf when he arrived in Cairo to bring Patrolman Roger Byrnes of the Jungle Patrol to justice for the crimes of murder and stealing a priceless artefact, the Pandora’s Mask. Yussuf guided the Phantom to Café Cairo where Byrnes was meeting Rose of Cairo. Yussuf again came to the Phantom’s help when he and Rose were trying to evade Mahmoud the Cruel’s men and took them to his grandfather’s house. When Mahmoud’s men capture the Phantom, Yussuf follows them to Mahmoud’s place and turns off the electric power at a crucial point enabling the Phantom to escape with the mask. At the end of the adventure the Phantom gifts him a ruby before leaving Cairo.


Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Rose of Cairo, Part 1" Tierres Lindahl First appearance
"The Rose of Cairo, Part 2: Pandora's Box" Tierres Lindahl