Vigil at Phantom Head

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Vigil at Phantom Head
Start date: Jul 19th, 2020
End date: Mar 14th, 2021
# of strips: 35 pages
Writer: Tony DePaul
Artist: Jeff Weigel
Original colorist: Jeff Weigel
Preceded by: "The Spy Ship"
Followed by: "The Visitor"

"Vigil at Phantom Head" is the 190th Phantom Sunday story. The story was written by Tony DePaul and drawn by Jeff Weigel.

Plot synopsis

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Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • Bunny (dog)
  • Yusuf






Old jungle sayings

  • The Phantom has a thousand eyes and a thousand ears.
  • "Many plans fall to the Phantom's iron fist."

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This story has been published in the following publications:

Mini australia.gif Australia

Mini india.gif India

Mini jamaica.gif Jamaica

  • Jamaica Star July 16, 2020 – March 4, 2021 - without the last week

Mini Kenya.gif Kenya

Mini mexico.gif Mexico

  • "Vigilia en la cabeza del Fantasma", El Informador February 20, 2022 – October 9, 2022

Mini sweden.gif Sweden

Mini usa.gif USA