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Västernorrlands Allehanda

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Västernorrlands Allehanda was a Swedish newspaper that published "The Phantom" daily strip.


Västernorrlands Allehanda (VA) was founded in 1873 and published in the municipality of Härnösand. In 2000, it was combined with its competitor Nya Norrland into the new newspaper Tidningen Ångermanland.

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Published stories

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Original story title Start date End date Comment
"Wambo the Gambler" ?, 1959 February 24, 1960
"The White Princess" February 25, 1960 May 28, 1960
"The Valley of No Return" May 30, 1960 August 23, 1960
"The Crown Jewels of Corba" August 24, 1960 November 23, 1960
"The Scorpia" November 24, 1960 ?, 1961