The Wedding Gifts

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The Wedding Gifts
Produced for: Fantomen 12/1995
# of pgs: 33
Writer: Donne Avenell
Artist: Felmang,
Germano Ferri, &
Anthony Benny
Original colorist: Times Graphics Singapore
Producer: Semic Press

"The Wedding Gifts" is a 1995 Team Fantomen story written by Donne Avenell, with art by Felmang, Germano Ferri, and Anthony Benny.

Plot synopsis

At the wedding of a young couple Old Moz tells a story about wedding gifts the Phantom had long ago.


Recurring Characters

One-time characters

  • Prince Zhog
  • Sheikh Ahmed
  • Raja Tippoo
  • Chan




  • Wedding gift of flowering tree from Sheikh Ahmed
  • Wedding gift of Indian vase from Raja Tippoo
  • Wedding gift from Prince Zhog

Behind the scenes

  • In the Australian reprint, Heloise is referred to as "The Hantavirus Witch" instead of "The Hanta Witch". An apparent translation error caused by a mixup with the Hantavirus which occasionally appeared in news at the time of the reprint.


This story has been published in the following publications:

Mini australia.gif Australia

Mini finland.gif Finland

Mini norway.gif Norway

Mini sweden.gif Sweden